PSA Disputes Roster Changes, Allowances, Overtime for Members In Patient Services at Port Pirie Regional Health Services

06 November 2019

Yesterday the PSA wrote to the Chief Executive Officer of Yorke and Northern Local Health Network (Y&NLHN) notifying of a dispute. The dispute is about conditions of employment for PSA members working as administrative staff in the Patient Services area at Port Pirie Regional Health Service.

Members have provided information to the PSA that suggests that Y&NLHN has breached various industrial provisions including allowances for on-call and recall for duty, correct application of the Public Service (Recreation Leave Loading) Award, payment for overtime and the appropriate application of TOIL provisions.

The PSA has received a letter proposing changes to the roster for staff patient services.

The PSA letter to the CEO of Y&NLHN also places into dispute the consultative process relating to proposed changes to the rotating roster. Your Enterprise Agreeement states that management must consult with staff before any changes can be made to your working arrangements.

After sending the letter, the PSA received a call from Y&NLHN management advising that management wish to commence genuine consultation in relation to the proposed roster changes.

Y&NLHN management also said that the other matters raised by the PSA would be investigated and response provided.

PSA Senior Industrial Officer is in the process of finding the best time to meet with members prior to a meeting with management.

The PSA will be providing support at any consultative meetings with management. While in dispute, the status quo will apply which means there cannot be any changes to your rosters before consultation with you and the PSA.