PSA Challenges Use of Section 47 for Private Sector ‘secondments’

19 December 2017

The PSA has lodged an application challenging the use of Section 47 of the Public Sector Act 2009 to assign staff from Land Services Group staff to do work for the private provider, Land Services SA. PSA Members in this group of secondees have raised several changes that have happened since the beginning of this arrangement including changes to long-standing Christmas arrangements and the changes of KPI’s which will result in increased workloads.

While staff in this group are still technically Public Sector employees, it is clear that Land Services SA is making changes, despite the assurances to staff that their would be no changes for them. Staff were never given an option to carry out work for this private sector company, and face an uncertain situation for the duration of the secondment.

Given that Section 47 of the Public Sector Act 2009 has not been used for these purposes in the past, the PSA has lodged an application to challenge and reverse the Government’s use of this part of the Act.

The PSA intends to meet with affected staff in the new year to discuss other issues that have arisen from the secondments. These meetings will be advertised next year, once arrangements have been made.