PSA Advises SA Health of Total Opposition to nRAH Outsourcing

15 August 2017

The PSA advised SA Health today of its total opposition to the outsourcing of any service to be provided from the new RAH, including Outpatient Medical Imaging. This advice follows on from the detailed consultation feedback received by the PSA from its members.

Member feedback describes the great potential loss to the community of an outsourced Outpatients Medical Imaging service and the issues that would confront a transition to an outsourced provider.

The compilation of members’ feedback can be found (here).

The PSA’s letter to SA Health Chief Executive, Ms. Vickie Kaminski, can be accessed (here).

The PSA is meeting a number of times per week with SA Health senior management trying to address the many points of difference and trying to urge decision-makers to see the folly in contemplating Option 2 in the KPMG report. The PSA will continue to fight for the in-house Outpatients Medical Imaging option.

Members are congratulated on your contribution to the feedback document. Please continue to supply the PSA with thoughts, suggestions, opinions and examples.

Online PSA membership application is available (here).