PSA Achieves Successful Outcomes for Workload Issues in the “Student Experience Transformation” Restructure

25 October 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) is pleased to advise that we were successful in our arguments at the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) where it was confirmed that TAFE SA must uphold their obligations under the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (‘SAMPSEAS’).

Further to the PSA’s Information Update issued to all TAFE SA members on 23 October 2019, PSA Organiser Rosie Ratcliff and three of your PSA Worksite Representatives – Neil Meyers, Michelle Holthouse and Linda Deuter - attended the SAET on 24 October 2019 for a conciliation conference before Commissioner Cairney to resolve issues around TAFE SA’s consultation processes around Workload Assessments as part of the “Student Experience Transformation” (‘SET’) Restructure.

A summary of the outcomes is:

  •  TAFE SA has agreed to establish Local Workload Consultative Forums (LWCFs) with PSA representation from all Educational Business Units (EBU’s). The purpose of these Forums, as per Clause 15 of the SAMPSEAS, “ to facilitate consultation on issues about existing workloads or possible workload change and the monitoring of impacts resulting from such change.”
  •  By no later than close of business 30 October 2019, TAFE SA will provide the PSA the following information relating to Workload Assessments:
    •  An updated version of the previous Workload Assessment Summaries that were undertaken as part of the Targeted Voluntary Separation Package (TVSP) exits in July. These summaries will not include specific Full Time Equivalent (FTE) reductions by EBU as TAFE SA indicated that this has not been finalised; however the PSA advised that once this information is known, it can then be discussed as part of the LWCFs; and
    •   A summary of the Ernst Young Standardising Process Report.
  • The PSA will have 7 days from receipt of the above documents to consult with members;
  •  Status quo will be maintained until the above 7 day period is complete, with the exception of:
    •  Preference forms will be issued, however will not be required to be returned until after the PSA’s 7 day consultation on workload assessments is complete; and
    •  TAFE SA can continue its process of recruiting Senior Management positions (Levels ASO 6 and above).

The full statement issued by Commissioner Cairney containing the agreed outcomes can be seen here.

The PSA thanks members for their commitment in working with WSRs and the PSA to ensure that concerns around workloads are heard. The PSA could not have achieved these outcomes without the collective strength and persistence of members.

The PSA will provide the Workload Assessment information to members as soon as it is received. Further information will also be provided about the LWCFs and how WSRs and members can play a part in this process.

The PSA will also be visiting metropolitan worksites, and holding video meetings with country worksites over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for the PSA meeting notices with details for your site.