PSA Achieves Successful Outcomes for TVSP Issues in the “Student Experience Transformation” Restructure

18 June 2019

The PSA and three of your PSA Worksite Representatives attended the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) on 6 June 2019 for a conciliation conference before Commissioner McMahon to resolve issues around TAFE SA’s TVSP process as part of the proposed “Student Experience Transformation” Restructure.

Following this, TAFE SA was required to have further discussions and bring additional information back to the PSA and Commissioner McMahon to assist in resolving these issues. This has now occurred.

TAFE SA advised SAET that Treasury required signed acceptance by 30 June 2019 and staff would have to exit TAFE SA by or on 5 July 2019 at the latest. This exit date raised serious concerns regarding workloads for staff remaining at TAFE SA due to the high demand six week Student Enrolment period, as well as potential risks for transition into a new structure.

The PSA advised Commissioner McMahon that some agencies have staggered their staff TVSP exits after 5 July 2019, due to business requirements and transition periods, and that this should also apply to TAFE SA due to the above factors. As a result of the PSA’s advocacy, TAFE SA engaged in further discussions with Treasury.

The PSA can now advise of the following:

  •  The PSA agreed that any staff who had received TVSP offers prior to the date of the hearing (5 June 2019) who had advised they wished to exit quickly could still do so, so as not to disadvantage them.
  •  TAFE SA advised that any ASO2 staff who have signed TVSP offers by 30 June 2019 will not be required to exit before 30 July 2019.
  •  Any salaried staff other than ASO2 who have signed TVSP offers by 30 June 2019 will exit on a staggered basis between now and up to 16 August 2019, the actual date being determined by TAFE SA after consideration of workload issues.
  •  In relation to any staff exiting, TAFE SA has agreed that a summary of workload assessments undertaken will be provided. As discussed and agreed in SAET during the conference on 5 June 2019, workload assessments will be on a group not individual employee basis and after requests by the PSA, the relevant Program Support Manager, and not just the Business Operations Manager, will be consulted as part of the workload assessment in the instance where staff exiting are either their direct reports, or their team is the receiver of any work.
  •  TAFE SA has also agreed that an indicative exit plan will be provided including high level information by business unit including classifications and proposed staff numbers. The PSA requested this so all staff would be aware of changes and the process would be open and transparent for all.
  •  Due to TAFE SA commencing their TVSP process in a manner which would not allow a three week consideration period, the PSA also acknowledges that TAFE SA staff will need to choose to waiver the three week consideration period for formal TVSP offers, to allow them to sign those offers by 30 June 2019. The PSA reiterate that this is not our usual or ongoing position, and that we are only agreeing in this particular instance due to the timeframes in place and so as to not disadvantage our members. The PSA reminded TAFE SA that as discussed in SAET, we expect that the required three week period will apply to any further TVSPs offered in future by TAFE SA after 30 June 2019, with staff then choosing to waiver this three weeks if they wish.
  •  The PSA has also requested that this matter remain open until 30 July 2019 while the processes referred to above are occurring.

TAFE SA has previously advised that another consultation session will be held about a revised SE Experience Transformation Structure and that a further ten working day consultation period will occur.

The PSA discussed this in SAET, advising that for ten working days to be adequate all information required for consultation will need to be provided on the same day as the consultation session, and appropriate notice will need to be provided to staff and the PSA of the date and time of this session, including to those staff seconded or on leave. As the time of writing, the PSA and staff are still awaiting notification about this session.

The PSA and your Worksite Representatives will continue to monitor the progression of the further consultation and implementation of this proposed restructure to ensure that members’ voices are heard and entitlements protected.