Proposed SA Pathology Model Suspended!!

08 August 2017

The PSA has just been advised that the proposed Operational Configuration and Workforce Model for SA Pathology has been suspended until mid 2018.

This follows the committed actions of PSA members and the PSA lodging a comprehensive response to SA Pathology about their most recent proposal.

Following numerous staff forums, several periods of consultation, and more than 400 pieces of feedback in addition to the PSA’s comprehensive responses to SA Pathology, it has now become clear that further consideration is required to ensure the best possible outcome for staff and patients.

In 2018 the focus will shift from efficiencies to creating a new vision for SA Pathology - which builds on all the work that PSA members have done in responding to date.

The Government has decided to focus on the implementation of EPLIS and the new laboratory at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. These are complex projects which are vital for patients and the community of South Australia. It is critical that SA Pathology focuses its time and resources on these tasks.