Proposed Removal of Cars - CALHN CMH

04 November 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) received contact recently from members working in CMH regarding the advice that they had received from CALHN MH management that following a review by SA Health, there were a number of vehicles not being utilised fully as per Fleet SA guidelines that would subsequently be removed.

Members expressed concern that it seemed like only odometer readings had been examined, and that the actual frequency, usage and practice requirements related to vehicle use had not been analysed. For example, in some CMH teams there were already instances of no cars being available for home visits at times, leading to unnecessary delays for assessment, treatment, and continued care of clients and families/carers .

Members are aware that at times alternative options could be considered – however this is not able to occur until full reviews are undertaken.

The PSA contacted CALHN MH management regarding this matter and is pleased to advise that as a result of PSA's advocacy, and some concerns being expressed by CALHN MH management themselves, the majority of cars that had been removed have been returned to teams pending further analysis.

The PSA encourages all members to participate in discussions and reviews of vehicle usage, and to also advise their managers of any instances of difficulty in accessing cars.