Proposed Multidisciplinary Approach to Recruitment for Child Protection Roles

24 April 2018

The PSA met with the Department for Child Protection (DCP) Chief Executive, Cathy Taylor, on Monday 23 April 2018 to discuss a proposal to broaden the range of qualifications that DCP can accept to recruit new employees beyond Social Worker qualifications. This information was also tabled at the DCP Consultative forum immediately after this meeting.

DCP advised this practice is already in place in some country regions.

New employees with these expanded range of qualifications are proposed to be employed in the PO stream as opposed to Social Workers who are employed in the AHP stream.

The PSA raised concerns about the down grading of the role of Social Workers and prospects for employment of Social Work graduates into the future.

DCP is proposing recruiting for all current Social Work vacancies, approximately 50 positions, with separate job descriptions for the AHP and PO streams. This is a response to the new State Governments 100 Day Plan to fill Child Protection roles.

Members are encouraged to speak with your Worksite Representatives and share your views on this matter. A meeting of Worksite Representatives is scheduled for next Wednesday, 2 May 2018, where this will be the main topic for discussion.

Member feedback will guide the PSA as to what position is taken and what steps are taken about this matter.