Proposed Fatigue Management Guideline and Checklist

26 February 2018

The PSA has recently received formal correspondence from the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) advising of a proposed Fatigue Management Guideline and supporting Checklist for implementation at the Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC) here.

Feedback from staff was to be provided by 23 February 2018, however the PSA has had this timeframe extended to 9 March 2018 to allow time for the PSA to meet with members to discuss the proposal.

The PSA has some concerns regarding the requirement for the ‘Checklist for Staff’ to be completed. This is considered to be superfluous and also has potential workload issues for the manager on duty.

Any member who wishes to provide feedback is encouraged to contact PSA by email here.

The PSA has scheduled two member meetings to be held on Tuesday 27 February and Tuesday 6 March 2018 at 3:00pm to provide an opportunity to discuss this proposal and other matters.