Proposed eHealth Security Services Restructure - DHA

29 August 2016

The Public Service Association has recently been advised of a proposed restructure within eHealth Systems Branch Restructure - Security Services Unit, Technology and Infrastructure. See the links for the proposed structure and current structure.

eHealth Systems propose to streamline the Unit by reducing management overhead, increasing individual performer roles to complete current workload and prepare for increased Cyber security risk management protection of SA Health resources.

The proposal is to abolish two vacant ASO8 positions and create one ASO7, an ASO6 and an ASO1 Traineeship position. It is of concern to the PSA that there are still a number of unattached officers within eHealth Systems, yet management do not seem to be prepared to give these staff the opportunities to work in this area and provide reasonable training to perform these roles.

eHealth Systems also advise that it is difficult to recruit experienced Security Advisers and Compliance Technicians. It is also of concern that eHealth Systems management are still using contractors to perform some of the roles. This should cease immediately.

While the PSA will continue to raise these ongoing concerns please send through any comments or concerns to the PSA prior to the closing date for consultation on 1 September 2016.