Proposed Changes to the Metrocard Unit

13 March 2019

The PSA attended a meeting with staff in the MetroCard Unit for the announcement of a proposal to change a number of roles within the MetroCard Unit at Netley.

The proposal will see the unit reduce from 30 to 27 FTE. Due to incumbent staff leaving the unit there is currently 27 FTE working in the unit so there is no expectation of further reductions.

The Unit has now opened a period of consultation on this proposal as required under your Enterprise Agreement

34.1.4 Workplace change, including any restructure/reorganisation (however described) that will affect employees should not be implemented before appropriate consultation has occurred with employee representatives.

34.1.5 Employee representatives will be given the opportunity to adequately consult with the people they represent in the workplace, in relation to any proposed changes that may affect employees’ working conditions or the services employees provide.

These changes come at a time when the Department is making cuts and significant changes as a result of the last State Budget. The PSA is concerned about what affect proposed changes could have on the public.

If you have comments about either the affect in your workplace or the services you provide to the public, please email them to PSA by 5:00pm Wednesday 20 March 2019.