Proposed Changes to Ophthalmologys Service Delivery and Structure at Women's and Children's Health Network

14 June 2016

The PSA has recently been provided with documentation from the Women's and Children's Health Network about proposed changes to Ophthalmology Service Delivery and Structure. It is proposed that the Ophthalmology Department be expanded and restructured to create an allied health led screening outreach and triage service.


To support this model of care, it is proposed that an AHP4 (0.8FTE) Clinic Co-ordinator position and an AHP3 (0.8 FTE) Senior Orthoptist position be created which will result in a reduction in the number of AHP2 Orthoptist positions (from 1.85FTE to 1.05FTE).


Supporting documentation regarding current and proposed organisational structures and role descriptions for the AHP4 Clinic Co-ordinator and AHP3 Senior Orthoptist roles can be viewed here.


Members are encouraged to feedback any concerns or comments to the PSA by 15 June 2016.