Proposed CALHN Restructure | How Will It Affect PSA Members?

12 April 2019

PSA members would be aware that a proposed restructure of the CALHN operating model was announced last week. This model will result in the current four directorates being replaced by eight clinical programs with a new leadership structure to lead each program.

PSA attended the all-staff briefings at the RAH and QEH. On Thursday 4 April the PSA met with CALHN management and KordaMentha to be briefed about the proposal and how it affects PSA members.

At this stage there appear to be few direct impacts in the areas where PSA members work, but we need to view the proposal in the context of KordaMenta’s plan to cut $276m from the CALHN budget over the next three years. The PSA will continue to campaign to protect jobs, protect services from being privatised and protect members’ career opportunities and entitlements from being downgraded.

One element we are keen to hear from members about is the addition of a leadership position for Allied Health in all eight program streams. This is a welcome change, but in order for Allied Health to be considered on an equal footing with nursing and medical leaders, the PSA will be advocating for a higher level classification for these positions.

The PSA was also assured that the focus on training and development in the new proposal would also apply to administrative, Allied Health and other PSA members.

Let us know your questions, comments and issues
Consultation has commenced about the proposed structure. During the next few weeks the PSA is seeking feedback from members. PSA members can send questions, issues, concerns and/or comments by email at any time.

Each week we have the opportunity to meet directly with management to discuss your feedback. We will endeavour to ensure that questions are answered and included in the regular Frequently Asked Questions.

Paid time meetings for PSA members and those wanting to join
CALHN management has agreed that we can meet with members in paid time to discuss the proposed structure. You will be notified of meeting dates and times diromg the next few days. Please come along to these meetings and bring your colleagues.