Progress Supported by Short and Medium Term Staffing

29 June 2016

Progress on the short and medium term commitments provided by the Minister for Education and Child Development on 23 May 2016 (see correspondence here) was the subject of discussion for PSA Worksite Representatives' when they meet on Friday 24 June 2016.


In total 50 additional staff (agency and short term) are now being deployed to support PSA members in Families SA across the state. These outcomes are due to the hard work of your Worksite Representatives and members standing their ground and fighting for better working conditions.


While your Worksite Representatives acknowledged the progress made by the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD)on the Minister's commitments, they expressed that these must continue to be monitored. Longer term solutions are needed to address the complex matters creating workload issues and pressures in child protection. The Minister's announcement on 21 June of a new Child Protection Department is significant and provides an opportunity for discussions on these matters.


The PSA has responded to the Minister (here) with an expectation of ongoing discussions on a new direction for Child Protection in South Australia, especially with the anticipated recommendations from the Royal Commission into Child Protection Systems to be announced in early August.


PSA meetings will be held at your worksites for ongoing updates.


For further assistance and guidance contact your Worksite Representative or the PSA.


Child Protection is everyone's responsibility.