Privatising Government ICT Services

22 February 2017

PSA representatives met with Department of Premier and Cabinet on Monday 20 February to discuss the recently announced privatising plan for desktop services across the SA Public Service.

A number of issues were identified with the process the Government has undertaken including leading members to believe that the PSA had prior content knowledge of the deal and the Premier's decision to sign a seven year contract without genuine consultation with the workers in scope.

The PSA expressed our continued concern about government privatisation given that it has been found time and time again to be ineffective and ultimately more costly with reduced services.

The PSA also expressed our concern about the absence of any detail on the contract with CSC which is apparently still in the process of finalising scope.

The Government has announced that this contract has a clause which ensures that any staff which move to CSC from the public service will not be able to receive redundancy offers for a minimum of two years. Members have queried why only two years are guaranteed given there is a seven year contract – especially as CSC have recently off-shored the same service they supply to the United Kingdom's Public Healthcare Services.

The PSA stands firmly against the privitisation of ICT and any other public services. The record shows that this only ends up costing taxpayers more.

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