Private Consultants Kordamentha Release Report

28 November 2018

Members would be aware that yesterday the Government released a report into the finances and organisation of CALHN with a plan to deliver changes in clinical, organisational and financial performance over the next three years. Although this report only applies to CALHN, there will be flow-on consequences for the whole of Health.

The PSA attended a unions briefing yesterday morning and was also present at the all-of-staff briefing at the RAH.

The PSA is concerned the process of developing these reports was done without staff engagement or consultation with an aim of driving ahead with the implementation plan. The plan seeks to cut millions of dollars from the CALHN budget, possibly threatening patient care and employees’ conditions, and initiating a privatisation agenda for SA Pathology and SAMI.

It was also announced that KordaMentha has been awarded the implementation project valued at $18m of tax payers money. It is of concern to the PSA that two KordaMentha consultants have been employed into CALHN at a high level to implement the plan and oversee the financial and workforce functions of the organisation.

In addition, a transition board has been appointed for CALHN to provide governance and oversight of this process. We were also advised that the new CEO of CALHN, Lesley Dwyer, will continue to have responsibility for the day-to-day management of clinical and patient care outcomes across CALHN with co-ordinate support from the Transition Board members and Administrators.

Members can read the reports and FAQs below.

The PSA is analysing these documents and will be keeping members informed about the implications and ensuring members’ jobs and working conditions are protected. Member meetings will be organised in the next few weeks at CALHN sites to discuss the reports and hear member feedback.

The PSA welcomes any information, comments or concerns from members to be directed to the PSA at