Prisoner Transfer and Admissions

23 May 2017

PSA representatives met with the DCS Chief Executive on Monday 22 May 2017 to discuss issues arising from the admission of prisoners after 1800 hours and prisoner transfers which lack appropriate planning.

The Chief Executive was receptive to the issues raised by the PSA and agreed the issues were valid. The Chief Executive responded with a multi-point plan to identify, monitor and reduce the incidence of late prisoner admissions and late notification of prisoner transfers and/or multiple changes to the prisoner transfer lists.

The PSA considers that the DCS Chief Executive is genuinely attempting to resolve the issues and that the plan outlined should be given an opportunity to show results. This matter was last heard in the Industrial Relations Commission on 30 June 2016 and the option remains to place the matter back into the Commission should the resolution process be unsuccessful.

To allow time for DCS to identify and implement strategies to reduce the incidence of late prisoner admissions and prisoner transfers which lack appropriate planning the PSA requests that in the interim all prison sites admit prisoners when required after 1800 hours and that all prisoner transfers be facilitated.

The multi-point plan detailed by the Chief Executive has been confirmed in a letter to the PSA. A copy of this letter is shown here. The DCS plan includes the following key points:

  •     DCS recommits to continuing and strengthening the monitoring processes previously implemented in regard to prisoner admissions after 1800 hours.
  •     A working group will be established comprising of the Deputy Chief Executive, a General Manager, PSA Industrial Officer, up to two PSA Worksite Representatives from both the ARC and YLP and a PSA Worksite Representative from the AWP.
  •     This working group will meet fortnightly to review data collected and monitor progress.
  •     On each occasion where it has been determined that good reason exists to admit a prisoner after 1800 hours the General Manager or delegate will provide notification to the relevant Admissions Supervisor to enable communication with front-line staff.
  •     On each occasion that a prisoner is admitted after 1800 hours an exception report will be prepared and reported to the Deputy Chief Executive. These exception reports will be made available to the working group each fortnight.
  •     DCS agrees that it should avoid wherever possible late changes to published transfer lists and will implement a performance monitoring process similar to that in place for admissions. This monitoring and reporting will also be tabled at the fortnightly working group meetings.

To ensure that all incidents of late prisoner admissions (after 1800 hours) and incidents of late notification of prisoner transfers or late changes to the transfer list are recorded it is requested that prison admissions members send detail of these incidents to the PSA by email to This information will assist the working party at the fortnightly meetings and allow the PSA to check that all incidents are recorded and reported by DCS management.

The PSA appreciates the ongoing support from members and wishes to assure members that every attempt will be made by the PSA to bring these issues to a satisfactory and workable situation.

The PSA will keep members informed of progress with this matter.

Please direct any questions to either the PSA Worksite Representatives in your worksite or