Port Adelaide Relocation Update - Shared Services

21 March 2018

After requests from PSA members to continue engagement with management ensuring their issues about the relocation are addressed, a new committee between management and union representatives has been established.

The first meeting of this committee was held this week. At this meeting it was identified that a number of concerns which members have been raising are being addressed including access to the new work environment format which has been set up on level 11. While this is currently being piloted by a finite group of workers, there has been a commitment from Shared Services that all staff impacted by the move will be rostered to use the space for at least a few hours.

A number of members requested consideration of telecommuting options such as work from home and more flexibility in the structure to their working hours. Shared Services reported that they are currently undertaking a work from home Pilot to investigate the possibility and practicality of allowing staff to work from home some days a week.

A commitment was also made for staff impacted by the move to Port Adelaide who would like to change their working hours to suit work-life balance needs that all requests will be considered. Members who would like to seek to amend their hours to ensure the move to Port Adelaide has less impact on their commitments outside of work are encouraged to put these requests in writing to their managers.

If you have any specific concerns which have not already been raised through the member survey about relocation contact PSA to have these issues addressed through the new committee.