Policy and Governance, Intergovernment Relations and Ageing Restructures

28 November 2018


The Public Service Association (PSA) recently attended a staff forum for Policy and Governance where staff were informed of the commencement of consultation on the Intergovernment Relations and Ageing Restructures.

The PSA was also formally advised here of the considerations behind the proposed changes:

  • 5% savings target for all Department (a further 5%intended for 2019-20);
  • Goods and Services and vacant positions have been targeted in the first instance (e.g. grants);
  • Consideration has also been given where Policy and Governance is providing in-kind capacity; and
  • The proposed changes are not related to the functional mapping exercise (which is in relation to the development of the Local Health Network Boards).

A two week consultation period has commenced.

Feedback closes on Monday 3 December 2018. The PSA welcomes any comments or concerns from members to be directed to PSA by email at enquiries@cpsu.asn.au.