Phlebotomist Reclassification | Call to Action

20 March 2019

The PSA is assisting SA Pathology Phlebotomist members towards a group personal reclassification. Much of the work has been done and the group submission is imminent.

As part of the campaign, one personal reclassification was submitted late last year in order to pave the way for the group submission. The great news is that this application was successful with the applicant being notified at the end of last week of her reclassification from OPS 1 to OPS 2. The success vindicates the PSA’s initiative to support this reclassification and highlights the importance of bringing issues like this to the attention of the PSA so that the issue can be corrected through proper process.

Many members and new members have contributed towards the reclassification document so that a first batch of applications can be submitted next week.

The PSA has advocated on behalf of members at SA Pathology’s Sustainability Forum, Statewide Clinical Support Service Industrial Liaison Forum, and directly with senior management so that the applications will be treated with the respect and proper process they are due. The PSA has strongly advocated that phlebotomists are the front line of SA Pathology and are going to be instrumental in the process of shifting data order entry from the labs to the collection centres; that they have been overlooked for many years in terms of classification equity; and that the issue of incorrect classification needs to be addressed urgently.

If you are a phlebotomist member wishing to submit an application for reclassification but have not received a copy of the template please contact PSA for assistance.