Permanent Job Offers Have Started at SARDI

20 November 2018

PIRSA has commenced offering members ongoing positions. This is a result of the continued pressure by the PSA and PSA members at SARDI to change the department’s high level of contract employment which breaches the Public Sector Act.

The PSA position has been that this is not just an industrial and legal issue, but also a moral issue about respect for the work of scientists and research staff in Government.

The PSA will be meeting with the Executive Director of SARDI Tuesday morning with our legal adviser to discuss who, how many and under which circumstances staff will be made ongoing.

The PSA is committed to monitoring this process to ensure all staff who are entitled to ongoing employment are made ongoing, and to also support members who need advice or advocacy. If you or your colleagues are not yet members of the PSA please join now. We will not be able to assist non-members. Join online here.