Payroll Services Members Win New Consultative Committee to Address Workplace Issues

05 July 2018

Payroll Services members have been reporting that workloads are becoming unmanageable.

Earlier this year concerned members from one area addressed this through their Worksite Representative. The members lodged a workload concern under the new Enterprise Agreement workload clause and were able to get a number of immediate measures in place to address this. This matter highlighted that there are a number of issues in Payroll Services that need addressing.

After PSA members complained to Shared Services Management about a lack of opportunities to escalate workplace matters from the area of Payroll Services, management agreed to establish a new Consultative Committee.

This committee is made up of union representatives and payroll management to address the specific issues that are being raised in the area of Payroll Services.

Issues Register

One of the key requests of establishing these meetings was the return of the issues register which previously existed across this work unit. PSA members have expressed a desire for this register to be managed by the union office to ensure all issues are captured and raised at this committee.

This register is an important opportunity for members to log concerns that they have within their work area including matters such as workload, levels of contract staff, flexitime and leave. If you work within Payroll Services and should like to add an issue to the register you can do this (here).

The next meeting of this committee will be on 12 July 2018. Meetings will be held bimonthly.