Payment of Recreation Leave Loading - DCS

07 October 2016

The PSA has been advised that Shared Services SA may be incorrectly applying a recreation leave loading cap to Correctional Officers employed as seven-day a week shift workers.

The Public Service Recreation Leave Loading Award at sub clause states:

If employed as a shift worker or a seven-day week worker (ie. an employee who is working rotating shifts on seven days a week, or who is rostered to work regularly on active duties on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays),


a loading of 20 percent of salary up to a maximum of $853.90 for any one full entitlement of annual leave,


the allowances and penalties payable had the employee not been on leave during the relevant period,

whichever is the greater.”

This means that a seven-day a week worker is paid a 20% loading up to the cap or the penalties the employee would have received had they been at work.

There is no cap on the payment of the penalties. Therefore all periods of recreation leave should include payment of penalties (or the 20% loading if this is the greater amount and the cap has not been reached).

Members working seven-day a week shifts who have not been paid the correct recreation leave loading should contact the PSA Hotline in the first instance on 08 8205 3227.