Pay Errors for OPX Staff at The Intensive Compliance Unit

22 March 2019

Members would be aware that the PSA has been pursuing clarity for OPX members at the Intensive Compliance Unit (ICU) who work rotating shifts over seven days regarding appropriate remuneration when taking recreation leave.

The PSA acknowledges a diligent member who became aware of this issue and raised it with the PSA to ensure that they and their colleagues were receiving their correct entitlements.

After tenacious follow-up with the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) and Shared Services SA (SSSA) the matter of correct leave loading vs. penalty payments has now been rectified.

Essentially, there was a problem with the ‘leave calculator tool’ that was being used by SSSA to calculate leave entitlements for employees with 5 weeks entitlement. The calculator had only been applied to DCS employees eligible for 6 weeks leave. This resulted in errors in payments to eligible ICU staff.

The PSA confirms that an amended ‘leave calculator tool’ was tested by SSSA and confirmation was received from DCS that any individual who had been incorrectly remunerated would receive back pay.

As part of this process, the PSA discovered there were also errors being made in relation to applicable penalty rates for OPX staff who undertook Sunday shifts for the period December 2017 to November 2018. SSSA was only applying a 50% penalty as opposed to the correct 75% penalty for these shifts. This matter has now been rectified and commitment received from DCS that penalty payments as set out in Appendix 7, part 9 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 will be correctly applied.

Any member who has been underpaid should have received any monies owing on 14 March 2019.

The PSA encourages members to continue to monitor your payslips to ensure you are receiving the correct remuneration for all work undertaken and all leave payments.

Any member who has questions is entitled to request an audit of their pay from SSSA.