Overtime TOIL and Travel Allowances - PIRSA-SARDI

17 March 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) has received feedback from members in PIRSA-SARDI regarding a direction from management that overtime will not be paid and that TOIL is the only option available to staff who work overtime.

Your Award clearly states that TOIL can be taken in lieu of an overtime payment if the employee requests it and the employer agrees. Anything other would be a breach of the Award.

While the option of TOIL is for the employee to request, it is granted on a time for time basis. Overtime payment incurs penalties to be paid on top of normal salary. By denying employees the ability to have overtime paid as per the Award, PIRSA-SARDI have potentially disadvantaged PSA members.

It has also come to the attention of the PSA that some employees of PIRSA-SARDI are being encouraged not to claim travel expenses by their managers. Provisions for the payment of travel allowances in the Award are entitlements that are a legal right and not a privilege.

If you have been instructed that overtime must be taken in TOIL as opposed to payment, or if you have been told not to claim travel allowances when you are entitled to please contact the PSA.