OPD Restructure Update: DPTI Implementing Review

19 January 2018

This week the PSA contacted DPTI asking for an update on the Organisation Performance and Development Section review. The PSA has received a response from DPTI outlining the Department’s intention to implement the review. A copy of the new Organisational Structure can be found here.

The PSA has previously raised with DPTI concerns regarding the reduction in FTE however DPTI has indicated that the reduction in the roles have come from vacant positions. The PSA also raised concerns from members that the reduction in FTE could lead to increased workloads. If members experience and increase in workload they are encouraged to contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline on 8205 3227.

Given that the reduction of FTE is supposedly coming from positions that are currently vacant, it is unlikely that anyone will become excess through this process. However if members find themselves declared excess DPTI needs to follow the processes outlined in Commissioner for the Public Sectors Determination 7 which can be found here (link). If members are concerned about being declared excess they can also contact the PSA.

PSA members can also have concerns raised at the DPTI Consultative Forum through the PSA. Members who have items for consideration at the forum can direct them to PSA here.