Office of the Chief Psychiatrist (OCP) / SA Mental Health (MH) Commission – SA Health Mental Health Services (MHS) Plan

18 October 2018

The OCP has invited the Public Service Association (PSA) to participate in the development of the SA MHS Plan. The plan is being undertaken by the OCP and the SA MH Commission and is to be delivered to the Government by March 2019.

The correspondence from the OCP also advises that PSA members are encouraged to participate in the development of the plan by providing feedback on a number of matters as follows:

  • Access to mental health services
  • Defining best practice in mental health care
  • Providing continuity of service through partnerships within and outside Government services
  • Inpatient and community-based recovery and rehabilitation services
  • Promoting wellbeing, prevention and early intervention
  • Workforce – The skills, knowledge, and support needs for staff delivering mental health services

Feedback can be sent by email to the OCP  or the SA MH Commission and will be collated and provided to the Chairs of the relevant Work Groups for consideration.

The letter from the OCP can be found here.

Information regarding the SA MHS Plan can be found at:

The PSA will provide further information following the first industrial bodies forum and will also encourage member feedback and involvement in the OCP/SA MH Commission processes as planning progresses.