Nyland Funded Positions | DCP Responds to PSA Push

21 May 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been pushing the Department for Child Protection to clarify the future status of staff employed by injection of funding post the Nyland Royal Commission. Recent actions include an information update sent to members last Friday and recent public comments on the issue through the media.

Following this push by the PSA for a clear answer, there have been some very positive steps taken by DCP. PSA members in Out Of Home Care were advised on Friday that contracts would be extended beyond 30 June 2019. Positions in Placements Services have also been given 12 month contract extensions providing some security for those members.

These results follow at least 12 months of requesting information. The lack of clarity around contracts had reached a level or urgency with a real threat of losing the highly skilled staff working in these positions.

The PSA will continue to put pressure on the Department about these positions, including continuing our argument that they should be made made ongoing. If you are employed in a Nyland funded position, and have not heard about extending your contract post 30 June 2019, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing PSA.