Not Exactly an Injury Management Transition Workforce Plan

18 May 2017

The Public Service Association of South Australia (PSA) has received a proposed Draft Workforce Model for Crown Management Services based on estimates and modelling from the IM project team from the Office for the Public Sector. The draft proposal can be found here.

Although this proposal does not meet our initial expectations, it clearly signals a need for ongoing consultation of the evolving workforce model within the first 12 months of the hybrid self insured and registered employer scheme, and over the three year hybrid scheme. Through ongoing consultation we will be working to minimise staff losses.

Significantly the PSA has received assurances from both the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment and the Deputy Premier, Minister for the Public Sector, that:
“over the next twelve months there will be no reduction in the Crown Injury management workforce as a result of the transition to RTWSA.”

This assures all staff affected by the Crown transition a minimum 2 year’s employment within the SA Government. This essential information, which should allay some anxiety about ongoing employment in the immediate future, has not been shared with affected staff by the relevant Agencies. The PSA finds this deeply concerning.

Members who wish to discuss their options with respect to the three year restriction for working for private employers who may provide services to the government if you take a TVSP, should contact the PSA for further advice.

To ensure the PSA is making representations in the interests of our members we seek your ongoing input. Please review the Workforce Model for Crown Management Services and provide feedback and comments on this and any other related IM transition matters to PSA by email