Northern Adult Community Mental Health (CMH) - NALHN Mental Health (MH) Adult Community Redesign - Win with Dispute

05 January 2017

 Following the PSA lodging a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission of SA (IRC) regarding the lack of genuine consultation around NALHN MH's Adult Community Redesign proposals, a meeting was held with the PSA on 21 December 2016 in an attempt to resolve this dispute which included PSA Worksite Representatives Peter O'Connell (Northern CMH) and Frank Hall (North Eastern CMH).

Correspondence has now been received from the NALHN Chief Operating Officer (COO) acknowledging that consultation on the original NALHN Adult MH Community Redesign Project Summary Report had not included Unions. NALHN will now release that report and re-release two proposals from it “Consolidation of 5 and 7 Day Operational Models” and “Core Business,” for extensive formal consultation with a closure date of 24 February 2017.

This is a significant win for members as it allows for genuine and fully informed consultation to occur.

A remaining concern of members is that NALHN MH is proceeding with consultation on these proposed changes with no apparent regard to the outcomes of the Deloitte Community Mental Health Review. The PSA is yet to receive any advice from SA Health regarding their response to the PSA's feedback to the Deloitte Report recommendations. The PSA will be writing to SA Health to request a response to these matters.

The PSA is now seeking feedback from members to include in the PSA's response to NALHN MH management in relation to the following three documents:

A copy of the summary report and both discussion papers, can be viewed using the links above.

Please forward any comments to PSA by close of business Monday 20 February 2017 to allow them to be included in the PSA's response.