News Archives February 2019

Join the Campaign to Stop the Axing of Financial Counsellors

Financial Counsellors are essential to Child Protection and we must all fight to prevent the axing of these positions which are core business in DCP. more>

DHS Offers Tvsps | Disability Update

Yesterday the Department for Human Services (DHS) put out a call for expressions of interest for a TVSP. This is a significant shift in the Department’s approach as members have been told up to now that there would be no TVSPs available. more>

Justice Technology Services – Proposed Structural Changes

The Executive Director, Projects and Technology has invited the Public Service Association (PSA) to provide feedback about proposed changes including reporting lines and a redistribution of workload from a currently vacant ASO8 position. more>

The SA Health Future Structure Design | Call for PSA Members’ Contributions

The PSA has received a briefing from senior management about the future of SA Health considering the changes made last year to the Health Act with the introduction of Local Health Boards across the state. A Future State Design Proposal for SA Health has been provided to the PSA for consultation and will be released to all staff with information meetings being organised by the Department this week. more>

DPTI | Commercial and Legal Directorate | Structure Changes

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been informed of a restructure of the Legislation Unit in the Commercial and Legal Directorate within the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI). more>

SA Water | Proposed Team Realignment | Strategic Asset Management Team | Member Feedback Sought

SA Water (SAW) has advised the Community and Public Sector Union State Public Services Federation Group (South Australian Branch) (CPSU/PSA) of a proposed team realignment of the Strategic Asset Management Team. The PowerPoint and Position Descriptions provided to staff have also been forwarded to the CPSU/PSA by SAW. more>

Enterprise Agreement Ballot | Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Just prior to Christmas, the final negotiations on the new Enterprise Agreement for Professional and Administrative Staff concluded. It is now time for the draft agreement to go to a ballot. more>

Social Workers Registration Bill

There is currently a Bill before the South Australian Parliament which, if passed, will be known as “Social Workers Registration Registration Act 2019”. more>

SA Health’s Electronic Health Record | Final Report now out on the EPAS Independent Review and the Government’s Response

The Public Service Association (PSA) has received the final Independent Report on the Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) and the SA Government Response document to the EPAS Independent Review. more>

TAFE SA | Mount Barker Campus Redevelopment and Staff Relocations | Member Feedback Sought

TAFE SA has invited the Public Service Association (PSA) to provide feedback in regard to the relocation of the Mount Barker Community Centre onto the Mount Barker TAFE SA site; the associated redevelopments; and the options that are open for consultation regarding staff relocations within the campus. more>

Big Changes in Country Health Coming | PSA Update

PSA members would be aware the Government has decided to devolve the centralised health system, including shifting Country Health to be managed by six separate local health networks which will be governed by six separate boards. The process is moving very quickly with a proposed implementation date of 1 July 2019. more>

Some Contract Staff Made Permanent – A Good Start, Still More to go

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been pursuing permanency for members on contracts at the Legal Services Commission. This started with discussions at the monthly Workplace Consultative Committee (forum for your Worksite Representatives to discuss workplace issues with leadership) and subsequently continued with correspondence. An initial letter was sent on 20 November 2018. more>

PSA Attends KordaMentha Parliamentary Committee meeting

The Public Service Association (PSA) recently attended a Parliament Budget and Finance Committee meeting to discuss corporate advisory firm KordaMentha’s involvement in reducing the operating deficit of CALHN. more>

Management Instructs Members to Sell Spin while Minister Disrespects Entire Agency

On Tuesday this week, staff in Service SA centres were instructed to tell community members that a better service would replace the current face-to-face centres, when in fact, the state government still has little idea how to provide this essential service to the community. more>

DCS announces $84m in budget savings

At the Public Service Association (PSA)/Department for Correctional Services (DCS) Custodial Central Consultative Committee meeting held on 14 February 2019 DCS announced future Budget savings of $84m. This was the first time this figure has been put to members. more>

Big Win - Housing SA Members converted to ongoing

Nearly 30 members have been converted from contract to ongoing because of the PSA’s advocacy in Housing SA. This is a huge achievement for many members who have shown a long term commitment to their agency without the recognition of ongoing status. more>

Residential Care Rostering Project Consultation

PSA members are invited to a meeting to discuss the latest proposal for roster changes to 12 hour shifts and subsequent policies and procedures released by Department for Child Protection (DCP) last week. more>