News Archives February 2018

DCSI Disability and the NDIS

Last year all staff who were to be “materially affected” by the introduction of the NDIS were given information by the Department. Now that you have had time to process this information, you may have questions that need clarification or there may be particular issues that arise from this process that you want to discuss with your union, the PSA. more>

PSA Response to SAMI RAH Administration Support Structure Review

The consultation period for the proposed South Australian Medical Imaging (SAMI), Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), Administration Support Structure has now concluded. PSA members raised many questions and offered opinions regarding the proposal. more>

State Library Of South Australia Restructure Process

At a meeting on 12 December 2017 Public Service Association (PSA) members decided to write a letter to Department of State Development (DSD) Chief Executive Mr Mark Duffy addressing concerns about the ongoing restructure process at the State Library of South Australia (SLSA). more>

Say No to Privatisation in South Australia

The PSA has launched a petition to say no to privatisation in South Australia. South Australian Services have been under attack over recent years from all of the major political parties while in Government. Some of these critical public services which have been sold include electricity, transport, gas, Forestry SA, SA Lotteries, the Motor Accident Commission and the Lands Titles Office more>

EPLIS Rollout Issues

SA Pathology recently announced the dates for future Enterprise Pathology Laboratory Information System (EPLIS) roll-outs. The schedule provides for EPLIS to be implemented in at least a further 50 laboratories before the end of March 2018. Members are reporting issues at the local level that could impact on the feasibility of such a tight schedule. more>

SA Water Enterprise Agreement out to Ballot Soon – CPSU/PSA Recommends Voting ‘YES’

SA Water (SAW) released the proposed Enterprise Agreement on Friday 2 February 2018 for the seven day ‘Access Period’ required under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). This allows for staff to review the proposed Agreement before voting. more>

Department for Health And Ageing | Realignment of the Activity Modelling and Purchasing Team

The Public Service Association (PSA) was recently advised that the Activity Modelling and Purchasing Team within the Department for Health and Ageing (DHA) will be undertaking a realignment of their current positions. more>

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Not Occurring Until September 2018

Last month in the South Australian Employment Tribunal the PSA sought a guarantee that DPTI would not subject any DPTI staff member who is not covered by the Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) Act 2012 to a random test under the disputed Drug and Alcohol Policy until (at least) September 2018. more>

Dom Care | The Meetings are Over, Now it is Decision Time | How Can the PSA Help?

As you know, between now and 9 March 2018, Domiciliary Care staff will need to make a decision between staying in Dom Care and working with the RDNS, or remaining in Government. more>

SAMI Response to PSA RAH Admin Review Submission

South Australian Medical Imaging (SAMI) has reviewed the PSA’s consultation feedback for the SAMI, Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Administration Support Structure review and responded to the points raised. more>

DASSA Weekend Pharmacy Service Discussion Paper

DASSA weekend pharmacy services currently provide a dosing service to clients on Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiod Dependency (MAT:OD) who cannot be treated in community pharmacies. The weekend service is only available from the Central and Southern DASSA Services (CDS and SDS). more>

SALHN Mental Health (MH) – Proposed Temporary Governance Structure - Proposed Principal Allied Health (AH) Lead Job and Person Specifications (J&PS')

Following the last Public Service Association (PSA) Information Update on 30 January 2018 containing SALHN MH’s proposed interim AH Director and Corporate Support J&PS', SALHN MH have now released the Principal AH Lead J&PS' and is seeking feedback regarding these. more>

CALHN Social Work Review

A review of the CALHN Social Work Department has recently been undertaken and as a result a number of recommendations relating to governance and leadership have been formulated. more>

Service SA Structural Realignment – Call For Feedback

Service SA has written to the PSA to advise of an intention to realign a number of functions within Service SA. more>

RAH Admin Review Further Clarification

The Public Service Association (PSA) sought further clarification from SA Medical Imaging (SAMI) on behalf of PSA members regarding the RAH Administration Support review. The SAMI response was required before implementation of the plan. more>

Proposed Fatigue Management Guideline and Checklist

The PSA has recently received formal correspondence from the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) advising of a proposed Fatigue Management Guideline and supporting Checklist for implementation at the Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC). more>

Drug and Alcohol Policy Dispute Update

The PSA attended another hearing in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) last week about DPTI’s Drug and Alcohol Policy and Program. more>

Payment of Recreation (Annual) Leave for Community Youth Justice Staff

The PSA has recently been advised by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI)of its intent to transition away from the ‘Average Leave Model’ and adopt the ‘Shared Sector Model’ for the management of annual leave. This transition is due to occur on 9 April 2018. more>

SALHN’s Feedback Response – Allied Health and Intermediate Care Proposed Workforce Model and Organisational Structure

Thank you to all Public Service Association (PSA) members who provided their feedback to the PSA regarding this review. more>