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SAMI nRAH Outpatients Imaging Dispute - KPMG Report Consultation Feedback Documents Received

The PSA received the formal response to the consultation feedback we provided SAMI on behalf of members on 14 August 2017. more>

Whatever You Do… Do Not Sign! Land Services Dispute - Report From The Employment Tribunal

Yesterday the PSA appeared again in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) to present arguments in the Land Services dispute. more>

Tafe SA – Notification of Dispute – Education Division and Expressions of Interest for Targeted Voluntary Separation Packages (TVSPs)

The Public Service Association (PSA) has received contact from many members following information imparted by Mr Brian Rungie, Executive Director, Education, at a video conference called at short notice that was held on Friday 25 August 2017 with Education Staff; and a subsequent TAFECOM issued to all TAFE SA staff on Monday 28 August 2017. more>

SAET Recommendations - SAMI nRAH Outpatients Imaging Consultation Period Extended

The dispute returned to the South Australian Employment Tribunal on Friday 1 September 2017. Commissioner McMahon has recommended that the recommendations issued on 20 July 2017 be rescinded and be replaced. more>

Central Adelaide Local Health Network - Car Parking At The New Royal Adelaide Hospital (2)

Further information to the previous PSA Information Update on the car parking safety concerns at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and the subsequent meeting with the Chief Financial Officer and the Director Operational Services on Thursday 31 August 2017 is now available. more>

National Child Protection Week - Thank You

Industrial Officers will be visiting all child protection sites this week to present PSA members with a gift to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication as a child protection worker. more>

Child Protection - Update On Psychological Assessments

The PSA has met with the Department for Child Protection (DCP) due to a number of concerns relating to the psychological assessment process (workforce assessments). The PSA initiated these meetings with DCP due to concerns the DCP communication commenting that an employee’s right to review does not put the process on hold and concerns of employment conditions. more>

DHA People and Culture Strategic Review – Phase 2 Report Proposed Realignment of People and Culture Functions

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended the People and culture staff meeting yesterday where the detailed design Phase 2 Report was presented and is now out for consultation. more>

PSA Members Win Changes to Proposed Drug and Alcohol Policy

After the recent email by DPTI sent to all DPTI staff which referenced the proposed Drug and Alcohol Policy, the PSA wrote to DPTI repeating the position of members about the changes needed to the proposal. more>

Tafe SA – Update of Dispute – Education Division and Expressions of Interest for Targeted Voluntary Separation Packages (TVSPs)

As reported in the Public Service Association’s (PSA) earlier Information Update to members on 4 September 2017, the PSA has received contact from members concerned that TAFE SA is attempting to reduce positions in a manner inconsistent with SA Government requirements, in the absence of a Review/Restructure, and in the absence of any formal consultation. more>

Sneaky Government Sends Offers While Appearing in the Tribunal - Still No Employer, Shoddy Contracts and No Answers - Do Not Sign!

The Government has shown a complete lack of good faith and proper consultation today by releasing offers of employment with the new service provider DURING the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) dispute conference. more>

Safework SA Corporate Services Review

The Public Service Association (PSA) has received notification from Safework SA (SWSA) that a Corporate services review is to be undertaken. more>

DCS - Sentence Administration Review

The Department for Correctional Services (DCS) has advised the PSA by letter of its proposal to establish a centralised sentence administration unit. more>

SALHN Mental Health (MH) – Proposed Co-director Operations – Response from SALHN MH and Further PSA Concerns

In February this year SALHN MH wrote to the Public Service Association (PSA) seeking feedback regarding a proposed multi-classified role of Co-Director, Operations, SALHN MH. more>

Consultation About Extended Hours in the LMH Pharmacy

SA Pharmacy recently trialled extended Pharmacy hours at the Lyell McEwin Hospital with the intention to reduce delivery lag time in the mornings. SA Pharmacy management reported to staff at a local presentation meeting that the trial was successful and that it is SA Pharmacy’s intention to extend the period until February 2018. more>

EB General Meeting: PSA Presses Government

The PSA sought responses from the government to matters raised in our most recent letters to the Minister at the EB General Meeting held last Thursday. more>

Department for Health and Ageing - SA Health Library Services, Public Health and Clinical Systems Internal Review Consultation

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been advised that a review of the SA Library Service within SA Health has been undertaken to realign the structure and ensure adequate service is maintained across the Library sites over South Australia. more>

Return To Work SA - Redundancy

s previously reported in the PSA’s Information Update dated 1 August 2017, questions were raised in the Consultative Group meeting held on 28 July regarding the application of Clause 25.3 of the Return to Work SA Enterprise Agreement 2015, specifically the practice of employees being paid six weeks pay in lieu of the redundancy notice period. more>

United Voice Industrial Action

The PSA has been notified of industrial action currently being undertaken by United Voice members across a range of public sector worksites.The dispute relates to enterprise agreement negotiations that have been ongoing between United Voice and the State Government. more>

SALHN Mental Health (MH) – Update of Dispute - Proposed Co-director Operations

The PSA has lodged an urgent notification of dispute in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) around the proposed Co-Director Operations role as a result of SALHN’s continued lack of genuine consultation and adherence to status quo provisions. The matter has been listed to be heard on the afternoon of 14 September 2017. more>

Central Adelaide Local Health Network - Car Parking At The New Royal Adelaide Hospital (3)

The PSA has today been advised by the CALHN Chief Financial Officer that the shuttle bus is being extended for a further 4 weeks to give more time to consider further longer term options. more>

Land Services Update: Keep the Pressure on, Apply for Leave Without Pay

Yesterday (Wednesday 13 September 2017) the CEO and senior management of Autumn Holdings was announced. Unlike other staff the CEO, current Registrar-General Brenton Pike, has not been required to resign from the public service in order to take up this new position with Autumn Holdings. This raises further serious questions about the integrity of this privatisation process. more>

SA Health Agrees to Lifting Solutions at nRAH

The issue of lifting patients for scans was raised recently by the PSA with SA Health as a Work Health and Safety issue. more>

Land Services Privatisation: Employment Tribunal Update

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a further hearing in the South Australian Employment Tribunal in front of Commissioner McMahon Thursday 14 September 2017 regarding the Land Services Privatisation dispute. more>

Workload Measurement Tool – Previous Industrial Commitment to be Advanced

To assist in suspension of industrial action by PSA members (Dec 2015), the Department offered to develop a workload measurement tool to assist in establishing fair workloads for child protection workers at breaking point. more>

SAMI nRAH Outpatients Imaging Consultation Further Extended

The dispute returned to the South Australian Employment Tribunal on Friday 15 September 2017.SA Health confirmed at the hearing that they are continuing discussions with tender applicants, including an in-house option, and requesting further information. more>

DPTI - Organisation Performance and Development Restructure

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has announced a restructure of the Organisation Performance and Development Section. more>

Flinders University Enterprise Bargaining 2017 Update No. 2

The CPSU Information Update of 11 July 2017 to Flinders University CPSU members advised of the joint union (CPSU, NTEU, AMWU) claim. The first Enterprise Bargaining (EB) meeting was held on Tuesday 13 September 2017. more>

Country Fire Service - Leave Allocation Dispute Update

The Public Service Association (PSA) advises members working in Country Fire Service (CFS) that on going meetings are being held to find a suitable outcome to this matter. more>

WCHN – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) – Release of Proposed Modified Restructure - Mixed Outcomes for PSA Members

CAMHS has written to the Public Service Association (PSA) providing information regarding a modified proposed structure. more>

NALHN Mental Health (MH) – Consultation Paper – Decommissioning of Clements House - Older Persons Mental Health Services (OPMHS)

NALHN MH has invited the Public Service Association (PSA) to provide feedback regarding a consultation paper for the decommissioning of Clements House, NALHN MH OPMHS, Oakden Campus, as released to staff at a meeting held at Clements on 15 September 2017. more>

Adelaide Women’s Prison Smoke Free Worksite

The PSA attended the SA Employment Tribunal yesterday in relation to a dispute at the Adelaide Women's Prison (AWP). more>

Transforming Health – SALHN - Jamie Larcombe Centre Model of Care: Operational Guidelines

The PSA has received the Model of Care Operational Guidelines for the Jamie Larcombe Centre that is being built at Glenside. more>

WCHN – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) – Release of Proposed Modified Restructure - Notification of Dispute - CAMHS Enfield

As reported in the Public Service Association (PSA) Information Update on 20 September 2017, CAMHS had written to the PSA providing information regarding a modified proposed structure. However, as noted in the Update, CAMHS had only provided a brief response which did not address the large majority of the feedback provided by the PSA in April 2017 on behalf of CAMHS members, members of other associated services, past clients, past and present carers, and other members of the community. more>

SAMI nRAH Car Parking

The PSA met with CALHN senior management on Friday 22 September 2017 seeking to resolve the car parking issues for PSA members at the nRAH. more>

Government Reconsidering Position on PSA Proposals

The government has advised they are now reconsidering the PSA’s proposals for a new enterprise agreement. This follows the overwhelming indication of support from members through our recent membership meetings and survey. more>


Yesterday in the SA Employment Tribunal the Commissioner set a date for an additional hearing next Thursday morning. The PSA is still disputing the Government claim that they had no involvement in the selection of staff. Also in dispute is their attempt to use section 47 of the Act to second staff to a private sector organisation. more>

URGENT: Inform Politicians About SAMI Outpatients Imaging!

PSA members at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) need your support. Decision time is approaching for the possible privatisation of Outpatients medical imaging at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. more>