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Land Services Group - Time For The Government To Start Giving Details

The PSA met with the Registrar General and the Valuer General as part of the Employee Reference Group recently. At this meeting it was clear that no one involved in the privatisation process was willing or able to give any further information. more>

PSA Opposed to Proposed SA Pathology Model

The PSA continues to be opposed to the Proposed Operational Configuration and Workforce Model for SA Pathology. Our members are specifically concerned, because no distinct measures have been considered or offered in the proposal more>

Proposed SA Pathology Model Suspended!!

The PSA has just been advised that the proposed Operational Configuration and Workforce Model for SA Pathology has been suspended until mid 2018. more>

Enterprise Bargaining – The Next Phase

Enterprise agreement negotiations are now entering a new phase. This follows the government confirming it does not agree to any of the PSA’s proposals. Government representatives have not acknowledged any merit in your PSA EB proposals - which include 29 savings, efficiencies and productivity improvements and more than 40 protections for members at no cost to government - and have dismissed them without genuine consideration. more>

Reminder For TAFE SA Members About Entitlements

The Public Service Association (PSA) has received queries from members regarding use of own car and associated allowances, overtime/time off in lieu of overtime (TOIL) and meal allowance when working overtime. more>


The PSA is angry and appalled at the announcement today to sell off the SA Land Services Group – an essential service you provide the SA community. more>


The PSA is appalled and angry about today’s surprise announcement that the Weatherill Labor Government is selling the Lands Titles Office and State Valuation Office to an international consortium. more>

Child And Family Health Services – Proposed Model Of Care

The PSA attended a meeting recently with Executive Management from Child and Family Health Services (CAFHS) at which the proposed Enhanced Service Delivery Framework Consultation Summary Report was discussed. more>

Workloads Dispute – Alternate Dispute Resolution To Go Ahead

The PSA negotiations with the Office of Public Sector Employment (OPS) for an independent conciliator have been successful and an alternate approach to a dispute resolution process will now take place. more>

Changing Home Wards in Division of Surgery and Anaesthesia

The PSA recently attended the Industrial Liaison Forum at Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN). An agenda item tabled was the proposal to change home wards in the Division of Surgery and Anaesthesia at Lyell McEwin Hospital. more>

Are You Still Having Difficulty Receiving The Correct Pay?

The PSA has been supporting significant numbers of members in the last few months, working across Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) in ensuring that they receive the correct pay for work undertaken. more>

Potential Changes To Crown Injury Management Services In 2018 Announced

Announced The Public Service Association of SA (PSA) received email advice from Erma Ranieri, Commissioner for Public Sector Employment toady advising of potential changes to Crown Injury Management Services in 2018. more>

Dispute to be Heard on Wednesday

The PSA has lodged a dispute with the South Australian Employment Tribunal (former Industrial Relations Commission) to hold your Department and the Government to account for this sham ‘consultative process’. more>

PSA Advises SA Health of Total Opposition to nRAH Outsourcing

The PSA advised SA Health today of its total opposition to the outsourcing of any service to be provided from the new RAH, including Outpatient Medical Imaging. This advice follows on from the detailed consultation feedback received by the PSA from its members. more>

SA Employment Tribunal Hearing Report - PSA Wins More Time And More Information For Land Services Staff

As you know, the PSA lodged a dispute which was heard today in a voluntary conference at 11:00am, in the South Australian Employment Tribunal. The process, up to this stage, including the sudden announcement made last Thursday has left so many unanswered questions and vague commitments. Taking a dispute to the Tribunal has allowed these issues to be raised in a more formal way and get the answers you need. more>

SA Health: Peak Union Forum - Transforming Health Achievements

At a recent Peak Union Forum for Transforming Health a presentation was given by the A/Deputy Chief Executive on the achievements to date. more>

SAMI nRAH Outpatients Imaging Consultation Period Extended

The dispute returned to the South Australian Employment Tribunal today Friday morning, 18 August 2017, and all the parties have agreed to a way forward. more>

SAMI nRAH Outpatients Imaging Consultation Feedback

SA Health provided their first written Consultation Feedback late on Friday afternoon, 18 August 2017. The document is available here. more>

Safework SA Seek Green Light on Fleet Optimisation Project

The Public Service Association (PSA) were successful in extending the consultation for the Safework SA (SWSA) fleet administration. The implementation was delayed as members required additional information to address members’ concerns. more>

What Action Will You Take to Support a Fair, Protective Agreement?

From last week PSA Organisers have been visiting members and holding meetings in agencies and worksites to update you about the current state of the Enterprise Agreement negotiations; to ask you to sign a pledge; and to ask what you are willing to do to put pressure on the Government to negotiate a clear, equitable, fair, consistent, enforceable agreement. more>

Land Services Group Update - Government Provides More Information Which Only Creates More Questions

Yesterday the Government provided information to the PSA including a response to key issues we raised in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) and also a draft contract of employment for staff who may be offered employment with the new service provider. more>

WCHN – Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) – Proposed Statewide Restructure - Update

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended the CAMHS Union Consultative Forum on 22 August 2017 and received an update on the proposed restructure. more>

Use Of Volunteers in SAPOL

At a meeting between PSA members, Industrial staff and SAPOL management representatives held on Wednesday 23 August 2017 to discuss issues about changes affecting Customer Service Officers (CSOs), the question of the use of volunteers was raised. more>

Land Services Privatisation - Dispute Update

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a further hearing in the South Australian Employment Tribunal in front of Commissioner McMahon today about our dispute regarding the Land Services Privatisation. more>

SA Medical Imaging Executive Office Structure

The 2014 KPMG Review identified 25 improvement initiatives of which 24 were approved by SA Health (Jan 2016). The PSA has asked SAMI Executive for an update on the extent of enactment of these recommendations. more>

Knowledge is Power

The Public Service Association (PSA) encourages all PSA members to familiarise themselves with several documents that have been released either through the Office for the Public Sector (OPS) or via DCSI relating to the Materially Affected process. more>

DCP ICT Restructure Update

The Department for Child Protection (DCP) provided a response to the PSA feedback. more>

Financial Counselling Project

The PSA advises all Financial Counsellors working with the Department for Child Protection that feedback was submitted to the Department during the consultation period. The feedback was collated through a survey that was undertaken by all PSA members working the Financial Counselling program. more>

DCP Study and Recruitment Policies - Further Opportunity for Feedback and Consultation

The Department for Child Protection (DCP) Chief Executive communicated to staff on 7 August 2017 regarding the updated “Study Support Policy” and newly developed “Recruitment and Engagement Procedure”. more>

Central Adelaide Local Health Network - Car Parking at the New Royal Adelaide Hospital

The PSA is aware that the allocation of car parking permits for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) has been completed and is causing concerns for some members regarding car parking for staff in the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. more>

Dispute Continues – What is the Future of the Public Trustee

The PSA has provided the Attorney General’s Department and Public Trustee with the responses members submitted to the PSA Workloads Survey. more>

Enterprise Bargaining – Update for DCS Correctional Officers

PSA Enterprise Bargaining (EB) proposals specific for Correctional Officers and the DCS management EB agenda were the subject of a meeting between PSA, DCS, and Government representatives on Monday 28 August 2017. more>