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Transforming Health - Central Adelaide Local Health Network - Administrative Support Service Workforce Profiles for New RAH

At a recent Forum the Director of Operational Services presented the proposed Administration Support Services Workforce Profiles to be applied in CALHN as part of the transition to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). more>


The PSA has been consistently supporting member groups at Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) over recent months with issues within the Emergency Department, Medical Records, Wards, Social Work Department and Clinical Coding. These issues have mainly related to unsustainable work loads, health and safety concerns and appropriate classification level for duties undertaken. more>

NALHN - Aged Care, Rehabilitation And Palliative Care Allied Health Professional Governance

The PSA has recently received formal notification and a discussion paper relating to a proposed formal professional structure for Allied Health within Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN). more>

What Next For Crown Injury Management

Members would be aware that the Return to Work Corporation (Crown Claims Management) Amendment Bill 2017 was defeated in the Legislative Council on 21 June 2017 and that there has not been a transfer of new claims to RTWSA from 1 July 2017. more>

NALHN Mental Health (MH) – Proposed Consultation Plan – Relocations (older Persons Mental Health Services (OPMHS) – Clements House) And (forensic Mental Health Services (FMHS) – Howard House)

NALHN MH has written to the Public Service Association (PSA) seeking feedback regarding a proposed Consultation Plan for the proposed relocations of Older Persons Mental Health Services and Forensic Mental Health Services. more>

Mental Health Update Regarding Deloitte Report And Greg Stevens’ Report Released

As members are aware, the Public Service Association (PSA) and members have all been waiting for the release of the Deloitte Report implementation plan/timeframes and the Greg Stevens Report and workshop information. more>

The PSA Continues Consulting

The PSA Consultative Group, composed of both PSA members and PSA officials, will commence consulting directly with SA Pathology on the ‘updated’ SA Pathology Proposed Operational Configuration and Workforce Model from Thursday 13 July 2017. more>

Restructures Across Shared Services

A substantial amount of organisational change is under-way across a variety of units within Shared Services. This change ranges from unit title changes to significant changes in the way in which work is completed on a day to day basis. more>

Outpatient Medical Imaging Dispute

As the principal public sector union the PSA was the first union to lodge a dispute over the premature release of the tender process to provide the Outpatient Medical Imaging Service at the new RAH. There is currently a hearing at the South Australian Employment Tribunal. more>

Flinders University Enterprise Bargaining 2017

The Flinders University Enterprise Agreement 2014 – 2017 has a nominal expiry date of 30 June 2017 but will continue in force until replaced by a successor Enterprise Agreement. more>

Department for Health and Ageing – Legal and Legislative Policy Unit Proposed Restructure

The Public Service Association (PSA) was recently advised that Policy and Governance has undertaken a review of the legal officer roles that reside in the Legal and Legislative Policy Unit. more>

Psychological Assessment Update

Recent communications from DCP to all staff have highlighted the Child and Young People (Safety) Bill 2017 has included amendments that require staff working in licensed residential facilities to undertake psychological testing. Currently it is not clear whether government run facilities are covered by this requirement. This new legislation is not yet enacted, i.e. conditions of employment today are the same as yesterday. more>

Forestry SA Enterprise Bargaining 2017

As members would be aware, Enterprise Bargaining has commenced for a successor Enterprise Agreement (EA) to the 2015 EA. Pay increases and changes to conditions of employment are negotiated through the Enterprise Bargaining process. A draft Enterprise Agreement is then presented to all employees to vote on. more>

Transforming Health: SALHN Consultation on Division of Medicine Reconfiguration Service Plan

The PSA has received a copy of the SALHN division of Medicine Clinical Reconfiguration Service Plan more>

Central Adelaide Local Health Network Cancer Administration Service Team (CAST) Review

A consultation paper on the proposed Central Adelaide Local Health Network Cancer Administration Services Team (CAST) has been circulated. more>

Land Services Group - Draft Retained Functions Being Released

The Draft Retained Functions Organisational Structure for the Land Services Group, is being released for consultation.The release of this information marks an important step as to the proposed retained sections of the Land Services Group, as well as which functions are proposed to be taken over by the new Service Provider. more>

Corporate Structures for DCP Financial and Business Services and ICT Proposed

The PSA, PSA Worksite Representatives and members representing corporate services came together to discuss the new proposed structures for Finance and Business Services and ICT Services in the Department for Child Protection (DCP). more>

DCSI - Materially Affected Principles

DCSI has developed a process for managing materially affected staff (“the Materially Affected Process”) through which it is proposed that employees’ roles will be identified as impacted by the NDIS reforms and referred to the Office for Public Sector (OPS) to commence case management, in an effort to secure alternative Public Sector employment or assist employees with job readiness. more>

A Win for The Statewide Gambling Therapy Service: Thank You for Your Support

In the most recent State Budget, it was announced that the Statewide Gambling Therapy Service (SGTS) is to remain funded until at least 2018. The Public Service Association (PSA) will continue the fight into the future for continued funding of the service. more>

Enterprise Bargaining – Negotiations Focus on PSA Proposals

EB negotiations have been continuing, with an increased and intensive focus on the PSA’s proposals.The PSA reported to members in our last EB Information Update that we had advised government we required an immediate increased and intensive focus on the salaried enterprise agreement negotiations. more>

Technical Services Review - PSA Members Not “happy”

PSA members have been told by DPTI management that the unions involved in the Technical Services Review are “happy” with the proposal to cut jobs from the Technical Services Directorate. more>

Land Services Group Privatisation – PSA Meeting Outcomes - We Need Your Feedback

Thanks to all who attended the meeting yesterday at the PSA to formalise the collective approach that PSA Members will undertake through the proposed privatisation and transition process in the Land Services Group. more>

PSA MEMBERS WIN!! - SAET Recommends Tender Process Cease

The South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) has found that the Department of Health breached the consultation provisions of the Enterprise Agreement and has recommended that it cease all activities in relation to the tender process for outsourcing Outpatients Medical Imaging at the new RAH for at least the next four weeks. more>

New Public Sector Review Magazine Is On Its Way

After more than two decades in the newspaper format, the PSA magazine - Public Sector Review - has had a makeover. more>

Workloads Dispute - Members Endorse Ongoing Actions

PSA members at the Public Trustee met on 20 July 2017 to put their views forward on the ongoing workloads dispute. The recent PSA survey was the focus of the discussion and an overview of survey responses was provided at the meeting. more>

Housing SA Property and Contract Management - Maintenance Amalgamation - Change in Office Location

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended two Maintenance Meetings on Thursday 20 July 2017 at Housing SA offices Marion and Elizabeth, the commencement of the 'Consultation Process'. more>

Enterprise Bargaining Update - Where Things Stand

The PSA summarised the current state of enterprise agreement negotiations in yesterday’s Salaried Enterprise Bargaining General Meeting by tabling the following statement. more>

Sa Health Halts Assessment Of Outpatient Imaging Tenders!!!

The Deputy Chief Executive for SA Health, Don Frater, confirmed today that SA Health has halted the assessment of tenders for the outsourcing of the Outpatient Imaging Service at the new RAH, and will “continue” genuine consultation on the KPMG Options document in accordance with the Commissioner’s Recommendations of 20 July 2017. more>

SSOs and Retention Leave

SSOs are entitled to accumulate retention leave for each completed month of effective service in each financial year after 15 years of service. more>