News Archives March 2017

On Call Trial for Access Assistant Program Managers within Disability Services

The PSA has recently received correspondence (here) from the Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN) advising of an “On-Call” Trial for Access Assistant Program Managers within Disability Services. more>

Port Pirie Hub - Transfer of Services - CHSALHN

The Public Service Association (PSA) has received a letter from CHSALHN regarding the transfer of services in Port Pirie Hub. more>

DCP - Proposed Changes (A New Direction)

PSA and PSA worksite representatives met with the Chief Executive on Friday 17 February 2017 to discuss the proposal of new Directorates and changes to executive positions. All staff have received updated information. more>

Time for Consultation - SAMI Administration Review at the RAH

The PSA has been advised of the commencement of the Administration Support Review at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. more>

PSA Meets with Treasury About Privatisation

The Public Service Association (PSA) continues to meet with officials from the Department of Treasury and Finance to further discuss issues arising from the proposed privatisation (commercialisation) of Lands Titles Office. more>

PSA Members Question Workloads - SafeWork SA

PSA Worksite Representatives in Safework SA (SWSA) have been raising concerns regarding workloads. more>

TAFE SA - Facilities and Procurement Services Senior Management Review - Member Feedback Sought

The Public Service Association (PSA) is seeking feedback by e-mail from members to include in the PSA's response to TAFE'S proposed management restructure. more>

PSA Win - Metropolitan Adult Community Mental Health (CMH) - Deloitte Review Dispute

PSA members' concerns were today vindicated with the outcome of a dispute conference at the SA Industrial Relations Commission being as follows: more>

Enterprise Bargaining General Meeting Held

Another Enterprise Bargaining General Meeting was held today. The meeting involved the government and all representatives. more>

Sheriff's Officers May Shut Down Adelaide Courts

PSA members have authorised industrial action and may shut down Adelaide Courts. more>

PSA Members Respond to Psychological Assessments - Members Remain United on Improvements Required for Child Safety

PSA members have come together to discuss the current dispute regarding psychological assessments. more>

International Women's Day - Be Bold For Change

Today is International Women's Day (IWD) which celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. more>

CHSALHN Safety and Quality Review Proposed Consultation Documents

The PSA has received the following consultation documents from CHSALHN regarding the CHSALHN Quality and Safety Review. more>

Speak up for Mental Health Services for young South Australians

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been invited, along with staff, families/carers, stakeholders and the general public, to provide feedback on a wide range of proposals regarding and structure and services that will affect all statewide services provided by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). more>

CAMHS Restructure Endfield CAMHS Dispute

Public Service Association (PSA) members at CAMHS Enfield have advised the PSA that CAMHS Enfield staff were directed by CAMHS Executive to start contingency planning to cease the onsite program by 9 June 2017 more>

Adelaide Women's Prison Opal Unit Dispute Win

The PSA attended the Industrial Relations Commission SA in relation to safety and security measures at the Adelaide Women's Prison, High Security, Opal Unit. more>

AYTC Safety Concerns

PSA staff and Worksite Representatives (WSRs) met with Chief Executive Tony Harrison (CE) at AYTC on Tuesday 7 March 2017 to address ongoing staff safety concerns. more>

State Library of SA Consultation Period

The PSA has secured additional one on one sessions for members with Consultant Samantha Wilkinson after feedback provided by members at State Library of South Australia (SLSA). more>

NALHN Mental Health - Proposed Medical Leadership Structures

NALHN MH initially released their proposed medical leadership structures and draft medical Job and Person Specifications (J&PS) in October 2016. more>

SA Pathology Response to PSA Submission - Proposed Operational and Supporting Workforce Model for SA Pathology

The PSA has received SA Pathology's formal response to our members' submissions on the Proposed Operational and Supporting Workforce Model. more>

Metropolitan Adult Community Mental Health (CMH) SA Health Response to Deloitte Review Recommendations -Member Feedback Sought

SA Health has now released their response to the Deloitte Adult Community Mental Health Report Recommendations. more>

Public Trustee Workload Issues - Members to Look at the Options

The PSA has continued to put pressure on the Public Trustee regarding the concerns of workload issues in the Public Trustee. more>

CFS - PSA Attends SA Industrial Relations Commission

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a voluntary conference in the South Australian Industrial Relations Commission seeking the assistance of a Commissioner to explore settlement of the issue with Country Fire Service (CFS) regarding the potential over allocation of leave by the agency. more>

Parliament House PSA Survey - Enterprise Bargaining

PSA members recently requested that an online survey process be available to members to complete, relating to the forthcoming enterprise bargaining negotiations. more>

Annual Allowance Increases Applicable for 2017 (Wages Parity Members)

The following allowances have been increased in accordance with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the four quarters to September 2016. more>

Psychological Testing - IRC Recommends Department Reconsider its position

The Industrial Relations Commission has recommended that the Department for Child Protection reconsider its position on psychological testing, a letter in response was sent to the PSA on 16 March 2017. more>

IRC SA Dispute Update - Enfield Campus

The Public Service Association (PSA) recently lodged a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission of South Australia (IRCSA) in relation to consultation concerns surrounding the proposed closure of Enfield CAMHS. more>

DECD SSO Reclassifications

The PSA has been advised by members that they are still waiting for reclassification decisions. more>

What do you say ReturnToWork SA?

The commencement of the next round of Enterprise Agreement negotiations is set to coincide with the end of ReturnToWorkSA's current organisational review, “Designing Our Future”. more>

Sheriff's Officer Review - Members Action is Suspended on the Basis CAA Genuinely Consult

PSA members met to discuss the current options tabled by CAA management. more>

The End of Harvesting? Consultation on Child Protection Reform and Staffing for Capacity and Child Safety

The PSA has written to the the Department for Child Protection requesting a commitment to consultation on Child Protection reform after the current debacle around psychological assessments. more>

Industrial Relations Commission Hearing - Enfielf CAMHS

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a Voluntary Conference in the Industrial Relations Commission of South Australia (IRCSA) on 22 March 2017 in relation to concerns that consultation around the proposed closure of Enfield was not occurring in good faith, and in a genuine manner, as required by your Enterprise Agreement (EA) more>

DECD SSO End of Term 1 Salary Payments

The PSA has been advised by members that they are unclear on their responsibilities of ensuring correct salary payment at the end of Term 1. more>

State Records - Changes to Organisational Structure - Member Feedback Sought

The PSA has recently been advised of a proposed organisational restructure within the State Records Office. more>

SALHN - OSCMH Dispute Related to Release of OSCMH Options Paper and Deloitte Review Dispute

The outcome of the PSA and ANMF lodging a dispute in the IRCSA earlier this month about concerns that metropolitan Local Health Network (LHN) Mental Health (MH) Directorates were releasing various Adult CMH proposals for consultation was that SA Health gave a commitment that the status quo would remain by the way of no further consultation, planning or progress in relation to any metropolitan Adult CMH areas. more>

CALHN Office of the CEO Review Update

The CALHN Office of the CEO (OCEO) has conducted a review of the various teams reporting to the CEO. more>

Member Feedback Sought - DPTI Heavy Vehicle Functions Transfer to National Regulator

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a recent information session held at DPTI Regency Park regarding the transfer of functions to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). more>

Arbitration to Take Place – DCP Recognises Consultation Required

The PSA continue to represent members' concerns regarding the psychological assessment dispute. Since the Department of Child Protection (DCP) decided to introduce the psychological assessment tests, without consultation on 10 January 2017, DCP has finally recognised that they are required to consult in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement. more>

Mobilong Prison – Dispute – Eyre Unit Infrastructure – Eave Extensions

PSA members at Mobilong Prison are angry and disappointed following recent advice from DCS that the infrastructure changes to the new Eyre Unit to extend the roof eaves would not take place.As a result the PSA has requested an urgent relisting of the Mobilong Eyre Unit matter in the Industrial Relations Commission SA (IRCSA). more>