News Archives February 2017

Changes Proposed to CT, Ultrasound and 24/7 Rosters at Lyell McEwin Hospital

SA Medical Imaging has announced their intention to change the hours of operation and shift times for Radiographers and Sonographers working in CT and ultrasound modalities and the 24/7 shift roster at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. more>

National Disability Insurance Scheme and Aged Care Reforms

Today the State Government announced plans for the future management of its services in disability and domiciliary care in response to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the Commonwealth aged care reforms. more>

Consultation Must Continue Regarding Testing

Following the recent conciliation conference at the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) recommendations for continuing consultation have been made with a request that parties aim to resolve the differences during the next two weeks. more>

Information Release Requests - DCP

The PSA has been informed by members that the Department for Child Protection incident management division (IMD) has been sending correspondence to members requesting the release of information from the Nyland Royal Commission. more>

PSA Reclassification SSO 1-2 Initiative

The PSA conducted three very successful SSO Reclassification workshops over the Christmas holidays. SSOs attending these sessions provided feedback including: more>

Members United Against Outsourcing

At a well attended meeting today, PSA members unanimously endorsed more>

DSD Structure Update

Included in the recent announcement about the change of Department of State Development (DSD) Chief Executive, was the announcement that DSD Deputy Chief Executive, more>

Dispute - SA Industrial Relations Commission - CO4 Supervisor Operations Positions at YLP

The PSA attended the SA Industrial Relations Commission on Thursday 9 February 2017 in relation to the selection process used by DCS for the CO4 Supervisor Operations positions at YLP. more>

DCS Central Consultative Committee Meeting

The PSA and PSA Worksite Representatives from DCS prison sites attended a Central Consultative Committee meeting with DCS management on 2 February 2017. more>

Wear PSA Green Day - Wednesday 22 February

Following last year's outstanding success of our 'Wear PSA Green Day', your PSA Worksite Representatives are committed to carry on the tradition in 2017. more>

Proposed Transition to New Adelaide Dental Hospital

The Public Service Association (PSA) has recently been provided with documentation in relation to the proposed transition to the new Adelaide Dental Hospital (ADH). more>

Elective Surgery Strategy Restructure in Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

The PSA has recently received correspondence advising of a proposed restructure of Elective Surgery Strategy Manager roles at Lyell McEwin Hospital and Modbury Hospital. more>

Body Worn Cameras - Members' Feedback Required

Body-worn cameras have been discussed at length in recent meetings involving PIRSA and quarantine station staff. The PSA has been involved in each meeting. more>

Office of the Public Advocate Review - Members' Position Revised

PSA members have continued to raise their concerns about the review, more>

Premier Announces Major ICT Outsourcing

Today the Premier announced that the future of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the Public Service is to be outsourced. more>

Mobilong Prison Dispute - Statewide Prison Lockdown Suspended

Members at Mobilong this morning voted to suspend their lockdown about the assessment of prisoner suitability. The Statewide prison lockdown has also been suspended while the matter is the subject of negotiations in the Industrial Relations Commission today. In the Commission the PSA will be tabling its proposals in relation to the assessment of prisoner suitability for the placement of prisoners at Mobilong Prison. more>

Proposed Relocation of Children and Families Service from Playford Primary Health Care to Elizabeth GP Plus

The PSA has recently received correspondence advising of the proposed relocation of Children and Family Services from Playford Primary Health Care to Elizabeth GP Plus. more>

SA Pathology does not Understand Consultation

The PSA has been required to continuously assert to SA Pathology what appropriate consultation means. more>

Mobilong Prison - Dispute Prisoner Suitability

After extensive negotiations in the SA Industrial Relations Commission agreement has been reached on the assessment for suitability for prisoners transferred to Mobilong Prison. more>

Sheriff's Officers - PSA Notify CAA of Dispute

The PSA has notified the Courts Administration Authority of a dispute due to the consultation process undertaken by CAA. more>

NALHN Industrial Liason Forum update

The PSA recently attended the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) Industrial Liaison Forum (ILF). There were many topics listed on the agenda for discussion. Of interest specifically to PSA members are the following updates: more>

Psychological Assessments - Consultation Process Update

Residential Care staff continue to face termination of employment dependent on the outcome of a psychological assessment. more>

Industrial Liaison Forum Update - Women's and Children's Health Network

The PSA and Worksite Representatives recently attended the first Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN) Industrial Liaison Forum (ILF) for 2017. more>

Let's Celebrate our Win for members in Medical Records - Join us for Lunch

The PSA has been supporting ASO1 members working within Medical Records to have their positions appropriately reclassified to the ASO2 level. more>

CFS Members Vote to Formally Notify Dispute

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a meeting of Country Fire Service (CFS) members on Monday 20 February 2017 to discuss the over allocation of leave by the agency and the attempt to arbitrarily cut leave balances. more>

SALHN Mental Health (MH) - Proposed Co-Director Operations - Member Feedback Sought

SALHN MH has written to the Public Service Association (PSA), seeking feedback regarding a proposed multi-classified role of Co-Director, Operations, SALHN MH. more>

Central Adelaide Local Health Network Ambulatory Rehabilitation Model of Care

A consultation paper on the proposed Intermediate Care and SA Prison Health Service Operations and Business Systems Administration Realignment proposal has been circulated and can be found here. more>

Privatising Government ICT Services

PSA representatives met with Department of Premier and Cabinet on Monday 20 February to discuss the recently announced privatising plan for desktop services across the SA Public Service. more>

Psychological Assessments - SAIRC Recommendation

The South Australian Industrial Relations Commission (SAIRC) has recommended more>

CALHN Ambulatory Rehabilitation Model of Care

A consultation paper on the proposed Central Adelaide Local Health Network Ambulatory Rehabilitation Model of Care has been circulated and can be found here. more>

CFS - PSA Lodges a Dispute

The Public Service Association (PSA) has today lodged a dispute with the South Australia Industrial Relations Commission (SAIRC) with regard to the issue of incorrect allocation of leave entitlements by the Country Fire Service (CFS). more>

Metropolitan Adult Community Mental Health Matters Deloitte Review Report and Recommendations - IRCSA Dispute

Public Service Association (PSA) CMH members have continued to express concern in relation to metropolitan Local Health Networks (LHNs) wanting to consult upon, and implement, changes to CMH models of care and service delivery, while SA Health's position in relation to the Deloitte report recommendations is unknown. more>

Housing SA - Business Services Officer - ASO2 - Proposed Role Description Changes

The PSA has been notified in writing that Housing SA proposes to amalgamate the Regional Customer Service Officer and Regional Support Officer into the Business Services Officer role impacting Housing SA employees currently in these roles. more>

RTWSA - Workloads, Fixed Term Contracts, Consultation, Privacy and More

The Public Service Association (PSA) has written to the ReturntoWork SA Chief Executive (CE) about the ongoing concern of unreasonable workloads, workload management and monitoring at ReturntoWork SA. more>

PSA Meets Service SA Management

The Public Service Association (PSA) held a meeting with Service SA Management on Thursday 27 February 2017 to discuss the proposed extension of opening hours for the Elizabeth and Marion Customer Service Centres. more>

CHSALHN Update Review of Quality and Safety Across CHSALHN

The PSA has written to Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) about the lack of information provided to staff and the unions regarding the Quality and Safety Review. more>