NDIS Update

23 August 2016

Members will be aware that the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion has convened a Service Reform Peak Union Consultative Forum. The purpose of the forum is to provide a cooperative consultation process for the purpose of sharing information and to resolve contentious issues affecting employees that may be impacted by the NDIS reforms. The meetings commenced in June and are held monthly.

With three meetings already held, the State Government is still yet to make a decision on service provision and which parts of the service will continue to be provided by the State Government.

The PSA position is clear; the NDIS process should not in any way be seen as a tool for outsourcing key social services to the private or non-government sector.

The PSA expects ongoing consultation on all direct service delivery proposals that would have an impact on our members.

To ensure the most effective consultation, the PSA is interested in forming an NDIS focus group with Worksite Representatives, and members participating to plan and develop strategy for consultation with PSA members and stakeholders.

Please email PSA Industrial Officer Debra Snelson at the email below if you wish to participate in this focus group.