National School Support Recognition Week | Recognising the People Who Make Schooling Happen

27 August 2019

The PSA is proud to represent School Support Staff and celebrate your important work.

SSOs are often excluded, ignored and find it difficult to access their rights, yet they provide essential administrative and educational support for schools.

This is the week to highlight the important work SSOs do and focus on improving the situation for SSOs as a valued part of the Education workforce.

This Week’s Activities:

  •  Organise a morning tea and special activity to celebrate and send your photos to PSA
  •  PSA SSO Organiser, Kate Obee is visiting schools in the Riverland
  •  PSA SSO Conference will be held on Thursday 29 August 2019
  •  Join the PSA (here) so we have a strong collective voice for SSOs

In recent meetings, PSA members have identified three key issues of concern.

Many SSOs are under-classified because they are discouraged from applying, have their application knocked back or are made to feel guilty for applying. As part of the Enterprise Agreement negotiations, the PSA is strongly arguing that there be an audit of all SSO1s with the aim of moving to SSO2.

Year 7 Transition to Secondary Schools
The PSA received a letter from the Department late last week stating that feeder primary schools for the year 7 pilot schools next year may have reduced SSO hours and these would be reduced by taking temporary hours from SSOs. Once again, the impact on SSOs from a major policy initiative has been overlooked. The PSA has raised this issue with the Department. We believe no SSO should lose hours during the pilot and consultation must occur immediately about the impact of the year 7 policy on the work and income of SSOs.

Job Security and Temporary Hours
Many SSOs have little security about their hours and their income. The PSA is committed to improving job and income security by challenging the use of temporary hours at the school level where there is a breach of the agreement.