National Disability Insurance Scheme and Aged Care Reforms

08 February 2017

Today the State Government announced plans for the future management of its services in disability and domiciliary care in response to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the Commonwealth aged care reforms.

While these changes are designed to provide more funding and choice to people with disability and older people they will mean that, as required by the Commonwealth Government, the State Government will have a much smaller role to play in these service areas.

The changes announced today will result in the following:

  • Domiciliary Care’s Adelaide metropolitan services, provided DCSI will move to
    non-government sector management by June 2018 through a tender process.
    This does not include the in-home care services provided by Country Health or the Aged Care Assessment Programme delivered by SA Health;
  • Community supported accommodation services (Group Homes) will continue to be managed by government and will be adapted to operate under the NDIS in a commercial environment;
  • Other disability and equipment services will move to non-government sector management over time; and
  • Some Disability and administrative functions will no longer be required following full rollout of these reforms.

The PSA have been working hard in discussions with DCSI to ensure our member’s interests are at the forefront of decisions about the future of the sector and that if members are affected by these changes, you will have choices about your future.

If members want to stay in the State Government, you will receive early access to case management and training to be ready to take up new opportunities in Government.

You will also receive priority access to vacancies across the public sector before they are advertised. This is a significant new initiative which we have lobbied for strongly on your behalf.

If you move with a service delivery area to non-government management, the PSA will fight to keep your existing terms and conditions with the new employer.