NALHN Mental Health - Proposed Medical Leadership Structures

14 March 2017

NALHN MH initially released their proposed medical leadership structures and draft medical Job and Person Specifications (J&PS) in October 2016. The PSA and members identified numerous concerns with the proposals relating to impacts on Team Managers and Senior/Principal Allied Health Professionals in terms of the responsibilities and duties contained in their J&PS'; operational and professional reporting lines; and collaborative relationships.

A meeting of the PSA, member representatives, senior clinicians, and NALHN MH management was held in November 2016, with the outcome being that NALHN MH would review and amend the documents.

NALHN MH have now re-released their amended proposed medical leadership documents for consultation. NALHN MH believe that they have addressed all of the PSA's concerns, therefore the PSA is now seeking review and feedback from members in relation to these amendments. The proposed structures and accompanying draft medical J&PS' can be found at the links below:

Please forward any comments to PSA by close of business Thursday 16 March 2017 to allow them to be included in the PSA's response.