NALHN Mental Health (MH) | Final Response From Employer | Proposed Senior Management Restructure | PSA Feedback Accepted

23 August 2018

Following the last Public Service Association (PSA) Information Update on 24 July 2018, NALHN has provided their final response to the additional feedback provided by the PSA in relation to the amended proposed Senior Management Restructure.

The response from NALHN is as follows:

The PSA is pleased to report that all of the additional feedback/suggestions by the PSA and members have been accepted, including:

  •  The Allied Health Professional (AHP) leadership role is now titled “Director” in line with the nursing and medical senior leadership roles.
  •  In the J&PS for the AHP leadership role, under Essential Minimum Requirements, Education/Vocational Qualifications, the PSA and members noted that only the Occupational Therapist had a dot point stating “Hold or working towards post graduate qualification in health service management, public health, policy or relevant field”. This was not listed for the other AHP disciplines, nor for the Director of Nursing role and has now been removed.
  •  The PSA also provided feedback that additional administrative support will be required as soon as the three leadership roles are in place. The PSA sought that this additional administrative support be recruited to now as an interim measure to ensure safe administrative workloads while awaiting further consultation about administrative structures. In regard to this feedback NALHN has advised that they are willing to commence discussions regarding this and have invited the PSA to contact Workforce Relations to arrange a meeting.

The PSA invites members, particularly those working in NALHN MH administrative roles, to contact PSA by email to provide their thoughts and suggestions in relation to the last dot point as to how this interim support should look.

The PSA again thanks members for all the input, attendance at meetings and feedback provided during this long process. The changes that have been made following PSA feedback is a testament to the solidarity of members and engagement with the PSA, allowing us to advocate strongly on members’ behalf.