Minister Targets PSA Members as His Privatisation Agenda Continues

04 July 2019

On Monday morning, Transport Minister Stephan Knoll announced the worst kept secret: that the State Government’s privatisation agenda would now turn to train and tram services.

This latest move to outsource key public services flies in the face of the words of then Opposition Leader, Stephen Marshall in February 2018 when he said that an incoming Liberal Government would “not have a privatisation agenda”.

In The Advertiser on Wednesday Transport Minister Stephan Knoll said that the privatisation “… would mean that back office functions, which are currently being duplicated within the public service like payroll and middle management could be eliminated” This statement clearly shows that the Minister is coming after the jobs of PSA members.

This announcement comes on top of the plan to privatise Road Maintenance which was announced earlier this year, threats to close Service SA centres and significant budget cuts.

These continual cuts and privatisations shows an absolute lack of respect for the work of hard-working public servants in DPTI and a lack of care for those who use these essential public services.

The PSA will be meeting with the other affected unions in coming days and will be working together to send a clear message to the State Government that SA is Not For Sale. Members can sign the SA Not For Sale petition at

The PSA will also be meeting with members in coming weeks to ensure that they have opportunities to contribute to the consultation process, which is a right under your Enterprise Agreement. Members will be advised of details of these meetings via email.