Minister Meets with Worksite Reps - DCS

07 April 2016

On Wednesday 6 April 2016, Department for Correctional Services Worksite Representatives (custodial) met with the recently appointed Minister for Correctional Services, The Hon Peter Malinauskas MLC.

The PSA delegation was lead by PSA General Secretary, Nev Kitchin.

Key matters discussed with the Minister included:

  • Bed space capacity

  • Prison overcrowding

  • Transportation of prisoners

  • Availability and utilisation of City Watch House beds

  • Smoking ban across all public prisons

  • Return to work provisions


Whilst yesterday's meeting was informal, it provided the Minister with an opportunity to hear from members first hand on those matters that are of primary importance to members working within the State's public prison system.

The opportunity to have open and frank discussions with the Minister on a without prejudice basis was welcomed by the PSA delegation.

The Minister has committed to participating in similar future forums to directly hear the concerns of PSA members who contribute to the State's law and order programs.