Members Urged to Take Action on Thursday 29 November 2018 and Attend the Rally

27 November 2018

The PSA represents SSO members at the bargaining table as a signatory to your Enterprise Agreement. Some months ago the PSA put our claims to the Government after consultation with our members about what you wanted in your agreement. The Government has now formally responded to the PSA.

Fundamental issues which will impact all members is the Government’s intention to reduce the consultation and the dispute and resolution provisions.

The PSA also has concerns about the Government’s position on the status of Attachment A (the Commitment) of the Agreement. The Commitment contains a large number of funding commitments. If it is removed it will give the Government free rein to cut programs and staffing, including SSO hours, rather than provide employees and schools with the stability it currently offers.

The Government is also refusing to support the inclusion of key conditions that already exist for administration staff in Government as part of the Education Agreement. Many of the PSA’s claims have been countered with statements around the existence of similar provisions being held in guidelines, policy and procedures. By having these in your agreement, it makes them enforceable and unchangeable for the life of the agreement. Where these conditions exist in guidelines, policy and procedures they are not as enforceable and can be subject to change.

Taking Action for a fairer Agreement

The PSA has authorised members to take Industrial Action on the morning of Thursday 29 November 2018 to attend the Rally about your employment conditions. The rally will be held at 9:30am outside the State Office of the Department for Education, 31 Flinders Street, Adelaide.

Only union members are protected in taking this action.

Join the PSA and your colleagues for a Fair Agreement for SSOs.

Update on the PSA Claim for an Enterprise Agreement
The PSA will provide members with an about the Government’s initial response to specific matters in our claim in a further Information Update.