Members United - Industrial Action Continues

29 November 2016

PSA members have endorsed the following motion after considering the proposal from management, presented at the 25 November meeting with your PSA Worksite Representatives.

PSA members have considered the proposal of additional resources 'Public Trustee Strategies' and propose a counter offer that builds on the current proposals. In addition to the current proposals, we seek two additional ASO4 and two additional ASO5 employees (total of 4 additional FTE) to compliment the offer of the additional ASO3 in the personal estates and deceased estates teams for at least 12 months with ongoing review.

PSA members also seek to retain the temporary resources of clerical support as part of any ongoing proposal. Consequently the additional staff PSA members request are for the purpose of reducing case loads of all staff.

PSA members also seek a commitment to develop a safe system of case load limits to avoid unreasonable workloads for all staff carrying case loads.

Industrial action will continue as notified until further consideration and progress to address workload concerns.

The PSA has provided a written response to AGD and the Public Trustee advising of the motion and will update members as the dispute regarding workloads continues.

Guidance on Industrial Action

Some members case loads remain over their industrial action limitation. As industrial action has authorised you to hand these files back, these should be handed back to your line manager/team leader. Explain the return is due to undertaking industrial action. It will then be the responsibility of the line manager/team leader to address any redistribution, and request you discuss new files allocated with management.

Non-essential administrative tasks are those that are not essential to complete, and which if undertaken will impact on your core workloads. This provides a relief to workload pressure by focusing on what the member deems to be necessary tasks.

It has been reported that management have been directing staff about policies or employment directions you must follow. Remember, the purpose of industrial action is to not follow direction on matters authorised in our industrial action. Whether that direction is verbal, email, or in the form of policy, there can no adverse action towards any PSA member undertaking the authorised action. You are protected to undertake such action – this is part of your rights under the Fair Work Act 1994 (SA) which is the appropriate authority, not the policy at local level.

Any concerns members have on adverse treatment should be reported to the PSA. This includes implications to flexi time, leave etc. These matters are not taken lightly and consequences have been explained to Public Trustee and AGD.

Continue to report your action as required:

I am participating in authorised industrial action and am unable to follow this direction. Please contact your AGD executive for further guidance.”

Please encourage your colleagues who are not members of the PSA to join so they can support the protected industrial action too. Please direct any questions to PSA Industrial Officer or to your Worksite Representatives.