Members United - Escalation of Industrial Action Continues - Families SA

27 April 2016

The escalation of authorised industrial action by PSA members has resulted in the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) resorting to intimidation tactics by inferring the action places an employee in jeopardy of breaching the Code of Ethics.


The PSA considers the current industrial action is authorised and is as defined in the Fair Work Act 1994. Members have already expressed concern that the rights of children are being diminished due to the high workloads and lack of proper workforce management. The rights of workers must be upheld to protect those most in need, our children. The whole purpose of authorised industrial action is to protect those members not abiding by the normal expectations and directions of the employer.


This unwillingness to actually resolve the crisis in the Department has also been reinforced by another letter from the Chief Executive which provides no solutions. Indeed the Department continues to send contradictory messages they want to negotiate and then claim that they have the managerial prerogative to manage as they see fit.


If members are subject to an individual approach regarding this action, advise the manager to put their concerns in writing and as per the previous PSA brief and seek the assistance of the PSA.



Please see link to campaign posters “We are at breaking point” and “Help Wanted”. These are to be displayed in your offices as part of the authorised industrial action, the PSA will also be distributing additional posters directly to the worksites.


Updates will continue to be provided as the campaign continues. For further assistance and guidance contact your work site representative or the PSA.