Members to Review Working Conditions in Child Protection

06 February 2017

With members clearly voicing concerns in the 'At Breaking Point' campaign throughout 2016, which resulted in a range of Departmental commitments and significant internal changes. With the Nyland Royal Commission Report also vindicating members concerns further, now real action is needed from the department – and not one that seemingly believes the 'silver bullet' of testing resolves everything.

To ensure the Department actually starts to address a broken system, PSA Worksite Representatives are requesting members review the progress of 'improvements' to workplace conditions for staff in Child Protection. Feedback to your PSA WSR's and the PSA is essential in evidencing what is or is not taking place and holding the Department to account.

Some of these improvement commitments include:

  • additional staffing as a short term solution (Minster and CE commitment up to 50 staff),
  • development of retention strategies
  • development of a workload measurement tool
  • review SBC
  • back fill of workers compensation absences
  • a financial invoicing review
  • conversion to ongoing employment
  • flexible working arrangements that would create a family friendly working environment

PSA members are requested to review the progress and changes in your workplace and inform your WSR's of your concerns and observations and whether they are related to the Department commitments above, or whether new issues are emerging.

The PSA encourages all members to speak out and continue to stand together for a system of better working conditions which will allow you to do your best work and protect our most vulnerable children.