Members to be Consulted on Escalating Action

15 March 2016

Your PSA worksite representatives met recently to discuss both the response from the Department to members identification of 60 additional vacancies and the general progress of proposals put forward during the recent industrial action.

The report back from your representatives was clear. Not only had the supposed local consultation to hire additional agency staff been rarely undertaken, but also it was believed the 20 agency positions was probably less than half sought from all the work groups.

In addition there had seemingly been no progress on the immediate promises to review Solution Based Caseworker (SBC), implement the new accounting system, undertake reviews in staff mobility and retention or progress the workload management tool.

The report back was that not only was the system still in crisis but that it was worsening with more tier 1 cases being “Closed No Action” or being reclassified to tier 2 for closure. Workloads were not improving and some local managers were even refusing to allow staff to return to full time work upon completing their agreed variation to work reduced hours.

As a consequence the PSA has again written to DECD pointing out that with the system in crisis and unsustainable workloads the net effect will only be a heightened threat for children in need. DECD have to abide by their promises and now actually fill the 200 vacancies that the PSA has identified.

As a result your worksite representatives will be engaging with all members over the next two weeks to discuss what actions could be undertaken to ensure this Department actually delivers a safer workplace and better care for children. The intention will thereafter be the consideration of a further central members meeting to formalise our next steps.

The concerted campaign to put pressure on DECD must continue – they must provide safe workloads – they must honour their commitments and they must recruit to fill the actual vacancies of at least 200 FTE. Make sure you attend local meetings and engage with your worksite reps to discuss what we can all do to hold your employer accountable.

For further information or clarification please contact your PSA Worksite Representatives or the PSA.