Members' Patience and Goodwill Exhausted - Time to Act!

29 May 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been consistently and tirelessly pursuing the finalisation of a Workplace Flexibility Agreement (WFA) to facilitate a crib break arrangement for Intensive Compliance Officers (ICOs) at Edwardstown Community Corrections. The PSA has made it clear to the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) that members are keen to have this WFA in place to facilitate the commencement of the new roster.

The matter is now with the Office of the Public Sector (OPS) for progressing. DCS attended a meeting with OPS on 22 May 2018 regarding this matter. The PSA were hopeful of a positive outcome for members. This has not been forthcoming and no update from the DCS/OPS meeting has been provided.

Members are rightly frustrated and angered that the patience and goodwill they demonstrated has been ignored by their employer. It is now time for members to ensure that their employer is taking their concerns seriously and that their conditions of employment are being honoured.

The PSA encourages members:

To commence lodgement of claims for meal breaks not received due to the demands of their role while working on the road (members must request payment within eight (8) weeks of the end of the paycycle in which the meal break was not provided).

To travel to the nearest Community Corrections Centres, irrespective of time taken, to ensure that they can access the facilities required to have their 30 minute meal break, with appropriate facilities.

Clause 36 of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried clearly outlines what member entitlements are in relation to Meal Breaks:

Clause 36.1 states the following:

Subject to this clause, a minimum meal break of 30 minutes per day is to be taken by all employees, which time will not count as part of an employee’s ordinary working hours.”

Clause 36.2 states the following:

No employee will be required to work more than 5 hours without such a break.

Clause 36.3 states the following:

Where an employee is required by an authorised person to work without having had, or commence a minimum meal break of crib break (as applicable), the employee will be paid an additional 50% of the employee’s ordinary hourly rate from the commencement of the sixth hour (that is, upon completion of the fifth hour) until the employee is provided with a meal break or crib break (as applicable) or until the completion of the employee’s ordinary hours of work for that day or shift.”

Any member who needs further information should contact the PSA.